How many padlock did u get from the alma gm vernis?

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  1. Hi everybody.. Lets straight to the point. I bought the lv alma gm in 2012. But today ive noticed that there is one extra padlock n one extra keys in the bag pocket. Is it normal? Or my SA didnt notice about it lol.. After two years own the bag n today i have noticed something extra... Or maybe they have to give us extra padlock n keys?

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  2. I only got 1
  3. Ohhh.. Hve u checked the pocket inside the bag?
  4. One padlock and two keys. I have two Alma GM they both were given the same.
  5. 1 and if you got an extra
    than happy for you - they make
    a nice charm to other bags :smile:
  6. lucky you! see it as an extra gift from LV! jepeeerr👍👏😃
  7. I haven't known LV to give any extras. That sounds like a pleasant mistake! ;)
  8. Woww really? Ill try it ;)
  9. Hahaha yes. My SA also told me the same thing. Im just so lucky ��
  10. Hahah yeah n my SA is always my favourite mistake
  11. Yea i got it but for two sets hahaha