How many paddys do you have?

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  1. Just wondering if it's a strange thing to own 2 paddy satchels in different colors. I have a choco coming in March and ordered a whiskey coming next week and i'm feeling EXTREMELY uncreative, guilty and crazy. I've never owned 2 bags of the same style. I do it all the time with shoes but have never done this with bags. :shame:
  2. Lucky you!!! I love the Paddy, my first is on it's way. Enjoy them!!!! BTW - I think it would be strange if both of your paddys were the same colour.
  3. Not the same color - one is a dark choco brown and the other is whiskey. What color did you get?
  4. Well, join the club...I own (so far) two Fendi Spy bags, cognac and black. If you just love this style bag, I don't see why you should feel embarrassed about it...just like shoes, or anything. When something makes you that happy...why not own more than one!
  5. I have 2 Paddy, Blanc and Tan~ I LOVE BOTH!
  6. Thanks pursemama and chloess! Now I feel better!:biggrin:
  7. I have (almost, it's on its way) a blanc Paddington Shopping Tote - I lurve the new mousse colour though. Hmmm.....maybe for my next one..........
  8. I just got one in dark grey 2 weeks ago but actually I wouldn't mind a 2nd in jeans light blue. I'm just so in love with her (it's a girl;)) that I totally neglected my other bags.
  9. Not one :sad:
  10. 2 but not by choice. My anthra comes tomorrow :love: If my noir doesnt sell its going back monday.
  11. zero :cry:......i finally saved up enough to order the anthracite baby paddy from LVR and it was gone.......
  12. I have one paddie in blanc, would love to buy a noir one! BUT I must stop shopping ... seeing all these beautiful bags is soooo tempting.
  13. I have one in whiskey.
  14. 0!
    I really love the way they look but can't get past that big padlock! I tried one on and kept thinking, "I gotta deal with this thing every time I want to get inside?" Is there a way you zip it up so that thing is not in the way cause someday, I'd like to own one.
  15. You know, I wondered the same thing because I didnt know how the padlock actually functioned. But if you dont lock in the leather tabs attached to the zippers all you do is flip it up to get inside. Or you dont even have to flip in up, you just reach into the side. Also there is the two outside pockets that you can stash stuff in.