How many packets of sugar and creamer in YOUR coffee?

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  1. When you get a mug of black coffee, how many sugar packets and creamers do you pour inside?
  2. For a regular mug, around 10 ounces, I add a healthy amount of sugar, maybe 4-5 packets and I use flavored creamer.

    It is very sweet but the only way I can drink coffee :smile:
  3. zero! I like my coffee black.
  4. For an 8 - 10 ounce cup of coffee, just 2 half & half creamers (10% cream).
  5. Absolutely no sugar and a splash of regular milk!
  6. I use half packet of Stevia and whole lot a creamer! I drink 1/2 cup of coffee in morning.
  7. Same! With a bunch of creamer.....nobody will drink my coffee, haha.
  8. It depends on the brand of coffee/how strong it is brewed, but typically I use 6-8 tsp of splenda( a lot, i know!) and then I just eyeball the creamer. I don't use a lot though.

    I'm trying to wean myself off of the sugar and creamer, but I don't know if I will ever be able to drink just black!
  9. a small amount of milk and two packets of sugar
  10. Usually one of each
  11. none! but if i have a cappuccino i have to have one sugar cube/packet of sugar, i can't take milk with no sugar :wacko:
  12. I use 5 packets of Splenda and a lot of cream. I basically have coffee with my sugar and cream.
  13. Usually just one Splenda (occasionally two if the coffee is really strong) and a decent amount of creamer....I like my coffee fairly light.
  14. just flavored creamer, usually vanilla or hazelnut
  15. Zero, when I drink coffee I like it black.