How many ordered and kept nude architeks??

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  1. Just curious how many members decided to keep the nudes architeks. There was much talk about whether or not many of you were going to keep them. I know black and reds were a huge hit.!! Still trying to decide if I want, I mean NEED a pair:roflmfao:
  2. HEHEHE!!! Weird we were asking the same question, haha.....I am dying to know the answer to this as well, and how did they fit and how was the height?
  3. I ordered two pairs (half size up and full size up) and returned both. Going half up was sufficient for me. I just wasn't in love with the color. I'd rather hold out for the nude patents.
  4. I was wondering the same thing because so many people were on the fence over the nudes. I haven't been able to find them IRL to see what the color looks like -- I was at Saks last week, but all that was left was black (:love:).
  5. I ordered them but haven't decided yet. I am probably going to return them. But I am definitely keeping the black/red ones.
  6. You should get the black/red ones cjy!

    Or you could wait for the nude patent! That will look really sexy :biggrin:
  7. Well, here is my situation, I just don't know what I should get next as a begginer.I have black simples (85) I have the black and white espadrilles on thier merry little wAY. I also have the black patent 3 inch wedge on its way. I wear tons of black but not sure what would be the best way to go when you are building your CL collection. There is so much thought that goes into it. I am not sure ....what next.. Plus I would like one that has a decent comfort rating. Oh deer, what to doooo:hysteric::shrugs::confused1:
  8. Well I will let you know how the Architeks are comfort-wise when I get mine. :yes: If you want something that has guaranteed comfort, you could get a pair of nude simples..they are really comfy and very classy. They are also so can wear simple nudes with ANYTHING.
  9. Priin do you think they will come out with simple nude 85's? or are they out now? I would love a patent nude CL but as CJY i want something i am going to want to wear all the time
  10. So you think next I should add nude? Seems like that would be a good color to introduce. Do you have the nude simples? If so are they leather or patent? I ask because I keep hearing about patent, but from I have seen the simples were in leather, Concerns were expressed about keeping them clean. BTW I hear the Architeks are comy since they are on the wide side.:shrugs:
  11. That's good to hear about the feet are a little on the wider side, but not that much. I have nude patent simples. I think nude just looks sexier in patent. Yes, I think nude would be a great addition to your shoe collection. Not only does it match with pretty much all colors, you can wear it for a fancy night out or a casual day. The simples are just such a great shoe I think having it in a few colors wouldn't hurt. :yes:
  12. I love the nude patent shoes with an all black outfit.

    I, myself, am still holding out for nude patent. I was so close to getting these, but thought the nude calf leather would be kinda boring vis-a-vis patent.
  13. Then I will hold out for nude patent. I know where I can get nude patent yo yo's but several have said they hurt their feet. I guess I could try them, Do you have any yo yo;s???
  14. Yes I have nude patent yoyos and they aren't very comfortable, but bearable. They are gorgeous!
  15. cjy, I agree with priiin, wait for the nude patent!!

    priiin, do you agree with the others that the very prive's are more comfortable than the yoyos?