How many of your stuffs that you can put in little pouchette.

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  1. This is my 1st time to use my little panda pouchette. Since I bought it I never used it before. As normally I love to use hugh tote bag :heart: . Today I found that I can put many stuffs to fit it a little pouchette. It's unbelievable that it can hold most mobile, coin purse, wallet, keyholder, lipstick, and a powder.

    All my stuffs are perfectly in place and not mix up together like when I use large tote.:sweatdrop:

    How about your pochette?? How much it can hold your stuffs?

    Let's share so I can have more idea to generate my stuffs to fit in little bag.
    my panda1.jpg my panda.jpg
  2. Nobody got a pouchette??
  3. I have this bag too, and it holds a ton! I usually have my pill-box, keys, cles, Ludlow, lipgloss and cell-phone in there. Oh and a pencil
  4. :wtf: Thank krispin for your answer!
  5. That's so cool, that you can fit all your stuff in the pouchette, but does it make the purse bulge at all? and do you carry it on your shoulder or hold it on your forearm when it is filled?
  6. I don't have the large pochette. Thank you for sharing yours! Love the Panda!
  7. I use my Pochette when I go out at night, the only things I carry are my cell, keys, wallet and lip gloss. That's it.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. I have a pochette but I guess I'm the minority here because I felt really disappointed by how little it could fit. I guess the reason is that I'm just used to using big bags (this is my first small bag purchase in a LONG LONG time). I've been using big bags for so long that suddenly purchasing a small one is like "WOW". Don't get me wrong, I still love my pochette and have never for a second regret purchasing here but I couldn't fit my wallet in so I use a cles for a wallet when carrying this. This is such a cute little purse. It does fit the essentials for me: cles as wallet, keys, razr phone, contact case, lip liner, lip gloss, and a small digital camera.

    I haven't had the pochette for very long and I notice that sometimes when I put stuff in it, it sort of makes the pochette misshaped and stick out in some parts and not others? Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Wow! How do you fit all that? I'm impressed!
  11. I arrange mine so it doesn't bulge because that annoys me. I do use it on my shoulder with the extender. I also have the long strap so I can wear it cross-body.
  12. fortunately the cles and cards are thin! i just pile and place :biggrin: and hope i dont NEED to use anything thats in the bottom when i go out. :yahoo:
  13. Normally I adjusted my pouchette to be a shoulder bag by bought seperate shoulder strap on or if I have to use the original strap, I always put a key-extension to lengthen the strap. ;)
  14. Mine fits an amazing amount of stuff. I carry a cigarette case (filled with credit cards and not cigarettes!), phone, sunglasses, powder and keys in it, with room to spare. I really need a cles or a wallet!
  15. I only use pochettes as ovesized wallets.