How many of your friends?


Mar 24, 2006
Hope I'm doing this right--it's my first time.:unsure:

I have been wondering and would like to know...

How many of YOUR friends understand your love for kellys and birkins? Do they understand your need to have one or you will die? Do they appreciate that need? And then when you do finally get one, do they understand what it is that you are feeling?
Sadly, I don't have any friends around here that truly understand or appreciate this about me. But thanks to this blog and to you all, I have finally realized that I'm not alone.

So thank you.
None, not one of my friends are into bags like me. They know I 'love' bags, and buy higher priced ones, but I don't share anymore info with least I know they love me for me and not my bags!! It would be neat to have a friend who did share the love though -- I'm happy to have found this forum just the same :love:
A couple of them do and some dont but still accept my love :biggrin: I wish I had more of the friends who do understand though! Since it would be much more fun to shop!
My friends love me too, but it would be so nice for at least one of them to understand the depth of it. At least I have a husband who understands. He has a similar taste/need for fine watches. You're right, Noriko, it would be fun to shop with a friend with similar tastes. I'm really not complaining...just wondering.
I'm the complete opposite. I used to wonder why would people wait up to 2 years just to get a birkin? Within 2 years, tons & tons of designs from tons of luxury brands have already come out. So, what's the deal?

I had friends who own a birkin and they always talk about the beauty, suppleness and etc. My mum..I have to say is a birkin freak. She keeps talking about birkins & birkins to the point that my ears is so irritating to hear the same thing over & over again. Though before this, I do shop at hermes, I only buy some of its accessories and a couple of clothes. I've never bought any hermes bags before cos' I just find nothing interesting in the design. No new design come every season.

The turning point only came when I went to the Hermes boutique at Liat Towers for the launch of the art gallery by artist Yann Kersale and see for myself a birkin staring at me. I hold the birkin, look at its interior, and every single part of the birkin. But.....still no major changing effect struck on me.

When I return home and I look at all of my bags, I find that many of the bags I bought quickly becomes passe. It either last for 1 season or 2 season. Then, I have to buy new bags again & again. So, I made up a decision. Why not I buy a birkin?

The next day while I was surfing the net, I came across this forum. I look at every single posts, every single thread and every single knowledge...[p.s. I'm getting to know more about birkins....], which makes me become more & more excited.

I went to the hermes store like what suggested by La Van to look at the leathers, colors and locks. The SA is also very helpful. She knows me personally so she immediately bring me to one corner where both of us sit down and chat about birkins. The info she gave me makes me more & more excited. Which then makes me decide, yes....I need to own one. And it must be in an exotic leather since I'm going to use it for a very long time.

So, before I make the choice of colors, I post a thread in this forum asking about which colors are your pick? Vert Anis, Orange or braise? Croc or ostrich? Many of you choose croc and there's a hot debate between orange & braise. I asked my mum what colors are the best. She told me since I can afford, why not I buy 2? She's also willing to help me pay a bit of the birkins. Hence, like what I told everyone, I decided to choose both orange & braise.

The next day, my mum & I went again to the hermes store and told my SA the choice of colors I want. Thank god, my mum is a VIP so this means she can get me onto her very personal list. Now, I can understand the worth of waiting for 1 birkin. Not only that, I can now share the conversation with my friends about birkins.
My friends know I love Hermes bags, but they don't know the value of them. If they did they would not understand. They would be shocked at the cost.
My closest friend is the only person who knows of Hermes and she would love a bag herself, but does not have a connection. She has no patience to wait. She has so much money, but in this case it doesn't matter what you still have to wait along with the next person.
It is really fun to be here on this blog and talk with everyone. Like Femina, to hear her story is real special. I almost feel like I am there with her.
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Ivette said:
How many of YOUR friends understand your love for kellys and birkins? Do they understand your need to have one or you will die? Do they appreciate that need?

And then when you do finally get one, do they understand what it is that you are feeling?

Not many :unsure: Most of them are into IT bags, not Hermes. They don't appreciate the workmanship & artistry that goes into an Hermes.

Some have asked me how I could bring myself to plonk US$5,800 on a Kelly...I told them it's from money saved when I restrained myself from that Chloe, YSL, LV, Prada... etc.:biggrin:

They still don't get it! :lol: :lol: :lol:
My mom understands and appreciate the superb quality of Hermès bags. Many of my friends would consider it superfical to spend thousands of euro on a purse..But they spend the same amount on art, cars, antiques and interior decoration. I feel very uncomfortable when people ask me how much my bag was:unsure:
There are no girlfriends of mine who love bags as much as I do. They already thought I was crazy enough to buy LV bags. I don’t dare to let them know I am now dreaming of a Kelly and a Birkin. They will think I become insane! :cry: :cry: :cry:

I consider my husband is my best friend of my whole life (:love: ). He understands my love on good quality bags, and I am slowly educating him on Hermés (;) ). Thanks for all the experts here on this forum, I get the best knowledge to "teach" my husband. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm lucky to have a good friend, a fellow forum member, Kyliereese to share my obsession with. As for as my other friends, they don't understand my handbag obsession at all.
I "came out" when I turned 30. Prior to that, I was almost embarassed to be sporting a high end bag or allowing people to know how many I had. I think it had a lot to do with being in my 20's and already being able to afford them whereas many of my collegues were living paycheck to paycheck and paying off student loans. I didn't want people to think that I was snobby. At that time, I was also trying to climb the firm's ladder and there was already so much competition among my peers that I didn't want any un-professional related attention
Thanks, gals, for sharing your stories. It's been interesting reading them all. Thanks, Femina, for sharing your birkin journey; happy1, for finally "coming out" for yourself despite of what others think; and Gigi, you're a real class act; carrying only Hermes. Someday, I'll be just like you--knowing all the knowledge and having a stack of them! (You make me want to go and put my name on the list again!:smile:) In the end, it's all about what makes us feel good no matter what anybody thinks. And we do it because we deserve it.