How Many of your bags have you had for 3 years or more?

  1. I know that Chanel bags are meant to last a lifetime but how many of you keep your bags for that long? How permanent are your collections?

    I only have a few Chanel and am relatively new to the brand still and yet the more about Chanel I get to know, the more rapidly my taste is changing. I started out with 2 Cabas, realized the style is not really for me, and am now actually drawn to the flap, which I never thought would happen.

    I am not a fickle person by nature (in fact I'm totally predictable when it comes to certain things) but I can't seem to make my mind up when it comes to purses:shrugs: Before TPF, I had several bags that were years old, but I have since given them up and now all my bags are 3 years old or "younger."

    How long do you keep your Chanel? How often do you re-evaluate your collection?
    And when you buy a new bag do you do so thinking you will keep it forever?
  2. Only 1 that is older than 3 (it's going on 10). The rest are between 1 and 2 years. There really weren't too many styles that I liked or that I could justify as my needs have changed over the past 12 years (and so has our income/amount there is to spend on luxuries).

    My 10 year old Chanel looks as good as new. I would like to replace it but..... can't justify it because it looks so good, lol. I don't rotate bags w/outfits due to my personal style. I rotate due to season or special event. Until a bag wears out or a true need pops up, I just keep using what I have and don't purchase anything.
  3. ^^ 10 years is pretty impressive! I would love if I could keep my bags long enough to pass on to my daughter:smile:

    I think the only reason I am brave enough to change my mind on occasion is knowing that the resale value of these bags is pretty good. Otherwise I would probably just hold on to what I have for as long as possible.
  4. I have had my Cambon reporter for more than 3 years. Love the bag to death!
  5. This is true of all my bag, not just Chanel, but I buy with the intent to keep them for years. I've had some bags for around 7 years.
  6. I only started collecting Chanel in Dec 06 so while most of my bags are 4-15 years old (I like older look), they are only 1+ year old to me. But I've had Coach and Bally bags for 15-20 years and expect that for most of my Chanel.

    I rotate every 2-3 days, depending on season.
  7. I just got my only Chanel in January, but plan to keep it for my lifetime. Then I have 2 LV bags (Epi pochette and Mono Trotteur) that are older than 3 years (but not yet 4 ;D ). If I buy a designer bag I want to keep it all my life, I don't plan to sell anything.
  8. All the bags I have ever bought r still with me.I've never sold any...given some non-designer brands away though.

  9. When I started collecting Chanel, it was around 3 years ago when Cambons were huge. I bought three of them... and I regret it a little because two of my Cambons I only wore twice. I got a bit wiser and invested in some classic east wests, I use those quite often and it's been almost 3 years. With the exception of the bowler, I probably won't purchase anything but the classics from now on. It's just too much money for trendy accessories. I'd rather let my clothes be trendy and have an expensive timeless handbag and accessories.
  10. I've had my black flap for almost 3 years now and I use it more now than before. I found this style goes with me, I love it and I already know I will keep using it for long.
  11. I bought my first chanel bag in 2004 and I can honestly say that I will never sell any of my chanel bags. I especially love flaps because I know it's a bag that I can use for the next 30+ years. I've sold off most of my LV collection and other various designers but Chanel and my other fav designer Goyard will never leave my collection!!! :nogood:
  12. Mine is a slightly different situation - I have an XL Jumbo flap that is ~ 12 y.o. with the Neiman Marcus tag still attached! I'm pathetic! HAven't used it!

    I did have 5-6 other Chanls that were 12-15 y.o. but I sold them all last year. The Chanels I have now I have bought in the past year, mostly preloved, a couple NWT, all from eBay... (with the help from the lovely ladies over on the Authenticate thread)
  13. ^ LOL wah! i'd love to see that XL flap in BN condition!! LOLLL the ones that we've seen are usually worn.. how cool is that to see a brand new 12 y.o. bag with tags on, wowie!! :drool:

    my bag that i've got for almost 3 years is the dark white caviar medium flap which i completely love and is a definite keeper! ;)
  14. I just bought my first Chanel, but I've had some Fendi, Gucci, and Kate Spade bags for almost 10 years. The Fendi and Gucci bags survived through my sorority days and they're still pristine. You get what you pay for!
  15. 16 of my Chanel bags are over 3 years old. I first starting buying them in 1990, and the majority are from the 90's. They all look really good - I have 28 in total, so they are not ever going to get worn out as they are in rotation. I have sold about 10 over the years and have 2 which I am not in love with so they may go soon. The others will stay with me forever!!