How many of you

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  1. Smoke? You dont to say if you dont want to

    Just a so called poll.

    Reason for my post is more...
    I cant stand the smell, I dont smoke my ex does after a few years of us being together i started making him smoke outside.. now i almost get sick at the smell. When my kids get home from his place for the weekend they are in the shower ASAP and all clothes in the wash regardless if they are clean or not... When i go out /or visit others that smoke the minute i get home i'm in the shower.. sorry i just cant stand it.

    Tonight I went out for wings and a beer after taking the kids to the eye doc, anyway i'm here switching handbags and thats all i can smell... My bag smells like smoke ..

    What do you do to get rid of it ? Its just the outside that smells:sick:
  2. I dont smoke and I dont like the smell. I'll date a guy who doesnt smoke before one who does, that is definitely a consideration to me!
  3. Maybe you should make this a real poll{?} Some people may not prefer to say publicly.

    I'm not a smoker.
  4. Totally agree with you, My current b/f doesnt and i love that about him.
    Its a total turn off now for me .. 15+ yrs ago it wasnt a big issue but its a major issue now.

  5. Ok thanks ..

  6. Used to smoke but quit 3yrs ago, the smell of cigarettes on my fingers was too icky and the Quit Smoking ads were making its point to me. Don't really fancy tar-filled lungs...
  7. I don't smoke. Never had a cigarette. My sister does, and when she comes over to visit my house reeks for about three hours afterward. I don't let anyone smoke inside...but her clothes pick up the smoke and leave a trail. It's really gross. (Sorry smokers...just my opinion!)
  8. I am total anti-smoking. My inlaws both smoke; they only do so in their basement, but the smell comes through the heat ducts. I do not know what is worse; the smell of smoke in their house or the constant smell of fried food. Blah!
  9. thats awesome .. good for you :smile:

  10. Sorry i had to giggle.. smoke or fried food :smile:
    I can totally relate.

  11. I don't smoke!
  12. Moved to General Discussion :biggrin:

    I'm not a smoker.
  13. So how do you get the smell out of things.. ?
    I mean clothes arent so bad i can wash them.. but my bag and my leather jacket.. Ewwww

  14. Sorry i thought that is where i put it ..

  15. Dont smoke. I hate the smell, I can get sick off it. My baby used to, he did when we first met. I didn't mind at first, or in other words I liked him whether he smoked or not. However, I did ask him to quit (more so because of the fact I was worried he'd run into health problems in the future). He doesnt smoke anymore.