how many of you were (or still are) into paul frank?

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  1. hi all...

    just curious to see how many of you tokidoki lovers had the same obsession with paul frank before (or presently) as your current obsession with tokidoki.

    i definitely was. i would search ebay constantly for new things :drool: ... but a couple years ago, it faded (which was good for my wallet) and i gave away most of my stuff... but some of my fave items i kept are:

    * the mark ryden collaboration- meat purse (signed by mark ryden)
    * tree trunk purse
    * travel bag w/ matching travel toiletry bag
    * green foosball tee (signed by paul frank)

    and there are other items i have kept... just thinking about my tokidoki craze reminded me about my paul frank phase... wonder what the next craze for me will be once the tokidoki/lesportsac collabo ends... :crybaby:
  2. i was really into pf, but my tokidoki crazy habits beat out my former pf love. i do have some cool pf stuff, like camo luggage that i wouldn't get up for the world. but, overall, it wasn't a crazy phase for me.
  3. i like pf..though i like skurvy the most :biggrin: ..(all i have is a shirt, wallet, bracelet and keychain)...but not as much as toki :lol:
  4. I still like paul frank but not as much as toki of course....
  5. I used to really be into Paul Frank. I had the Hello Kitty collection, several bags, and even the special edition 911 wallet made to benefit the Red Cross in 2001 after the terrorist attacks. I have since sold everything other than my small sparkle purple Julius bag.
  6. Meeeeee!! I love Paul Frank!! lol ok with that being said, I have like 5 PF tees and that's about all the PF stuff I have :biggrin:

    I really just love the tees but, like toki, sometimes I just feel that they're so pricey. If YRB has a sale on them then I'll usually buy a couple .. like if they're 2 for $35 or something like that. But at regular price ... I pass.
  7. heehee...i only got one pf tee and i didnt even buy it! it was my christmas gift along with my tokidoki cloudia tee (also my one and only tee) :P ...yes too feel those are pricey
  8. aww vmasterz those were some nice xmas gifts! :yes:

    lol ok this thread is making me want to check out YRB this weekend ...
  9. haha ive never been obsessed with paul frank

    hoenstly i think its weird that im obsessed with tokidoki!!

    reason being im not really into anime, and kawaii stuff. except pandas of coure!

    i mean i LIKE It all but i im not crazy into it..

    but its that lil latte..he stole my heart last year at the pool trade show

    if the business i went with was all mine id definitely buy tokidoki!!!

    well it was part mine but i got sort of pushed out
  10. yes it sure was :graucho: ..ever since then I would like to get more shirts but its not a priority now..I gotta start shopping for my SS first:roflmfao::search::wlae:

    let me know if you find any deals..:graucho:
  11. Yup I'll def. let you know!
  12. I liked Paul Frank quite a while back in my earlier 20's. I only had T's no bags. My favourite was a long sleeved bright green camo all over print with an army style monkey face. It shrank so i had to give it to my little nephew.
  13. my daughter is a PF FREAK. she's a worse monkey freak than me!
  14. I work in a store that carries paul frank, as well as the paul frank bicycles, and I love it all!! I have a hard time not buying things when we get new shipments!!
  15. I'm glad I don't work anyplace that sells cute stuff .. I'd be so tempted to buy something ... everything ... lol