how many of you use medium classic-flap as day bag?

  1. I only have a medium. don't own a jumbo. Would love one though. However, if I substitue my wallet with my card holder, and my cosmetic bag with my compact powder, my medium flap works just fine. Do you only use your medium flap as an going-out bag?
  2. haha not for me though. i have a dark white one and it's for evening use only, too small to fit in most of my stuff. i absolutely adore the jumbo and can use her almost everyday, but i use my cabas alot more.
  3. I use it for both.
    I've been to a dirty shopping center with it as well as a fancy restaurant.
    I think it's that versatile.

    I manage to hold
    - a wallet
    - phone
    - ipod
    - keys
    - some makeup :smile:
  4. I purchased my medium as my everyday bag, but its just not possible for me. I dont even carry much at all, but the double flaps just seem to restrict putting much at all in, plus once my wallet went in, the bag wouldnt close as it was quite a thick one.

    I swopped to the Jumbo and now I feel I can carry the world around in it hee hee!

  5. Medium or an e/w is what I most use for a day bag. By swapping out the wallet for a credit card holder there is room a plenty.
  6. Same here. Taken them to all sorts of places from football games to mall to parties:yes:. If you use Continental Wallet (long rectangular one, it fits better. I can fit wallet, cell phone (Razr) keys and lip liner and gloss in. Jumbo would be better, but I make due with Medium.
  7. I use a medium as everyday bag all the time. I use it for cocktail parties and running to the grocery store in sweats and everything in between.
  8. I do. I used it for both day and night. Gotta love that!
  9. I couldn't make the medium work for me. I tried putting my essentials in it in the store to compare between that and the Jumbo, and went with the Jumbo. The Jumbo is my everyday bag.
  10. i do! but then because it doesnt fit my makeup bags and water bottle, and id have another bag in my car. so i guess it doesnt really work for me as i am a big bag kind of girl
  11. i use it for DAY and night as well!!! i usually like big bags.. well.. after i bought a billfold dior wallet instead of my LONG BIG CHUNCKY gucci wallet, it fits everything i need. chapstick, wallet, cigarettes, my phone and a lighter. PERFECT SIZE cuase i don't like to lug around HUGE bags!!1
  12. I use it for day and night- but only during the day when I do not have my son- just not enough space. i can easily fit my phone, keys, wallet, mirror, lipgloss and thats it. The lack of space is why I rarely use it during the day beacuse I like to carry my large wallet and makeup bag, hand cream and the rest of the world!
  13. I use both my medium and e/w flaps for day/night, sure! :smile: If I don't need to carry around sunnies (the case takes up so much room!), or whatever else, the medium or e/w easily fits what I need... phone, small wallet or card case, lipstick/lipgloss, etc.!:heart:
  14. Personally, I'm a big bag kinda gal which is why I got a jumbo. I don't wear my jumbo to *formal* night events, but I have no problem taking it from day to night.
  15. Every day bag for me :smile: