How many of you use a vitamin c serum?

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  1. I saw only a couple people mention it in the 6 must-have items. Before I got obsessed with handbags, I was way into skincare. I really recommend that everyone use a vitamin c serum, especially those of you in your late 20s and up. It does wonders for your skin. It is also known as L-ascorbic acid and it is an antioxidant that "helps protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays, prevents premature signs of aging, and stimulates collagen production."

    There are various brands. I can make some suggestions if anyone is interested. It is not cheap but a small 1 oz should last for about 6 months.
  2. Asides from the Vitamin C serum, I also recommend using other vitamin C skincare products. It isn't cheap, but has good results.

    Murad has a few great products:
    Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 15
    Essential-C Night Moisture
    Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex
    Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15

    They also have a toner and a face wash, but I found the moisturizers & the renewal complex to work best.
  3. Vitamin C does wonders for your skin. There are lots of eye products with vitamin C in it, which is great for anti-aging and also helps with dark circles for eyes!

    someone was talking about Murad on another thread for acne, I'm dying to try it now knowing they have such a variety of products. I wonder if it is sold in Canada...

    Does anyone know the web site or if it's sold in Canada?
  4. I used to use Cellux C, but I switched to TNS recovery complex by Skin Medica, I feel it works more effectively.
  5. If you are looking for a great Vitamin C serum, I like one that is actually from Canada. It is called Vivier and is sold by Essential Day Spa (which may be Canadian actually). They probably sell Murad too. I just can't remember.
  6. REALLY???? Essential Day Spa you say... I will look into that - thanks!
  7. If you have oily skin, the Vivier may not be your best bet. If I were you, I would call them and tell them your skin type and have them suggest the best product. I like Vivier because I have normal skin and Vivier doesn't dry out my skin. I think CellexC or Skinceuticals are a little more drying.

    I am sure fendigal can comment about TNS.
  8. I use EmerginC vitamin C serum. It has done wonders for my skin. My esthetican said this is the best my skin has looked in the 4 years I have been with her. I have used the serum for only 3 months. I highly recommend it.
  9. The TNS is more for dry skin/wrinkles. I use it under my eyes, smile lines, forehead, etc. However, I have combination skin and I still use Proactive solution on my chin.
    I think the TNS is less drying than the Cellux-C. However, when I was younger I think the Cellux-C was just fine. TNS Recovery could clog some pores in the oilier areas.
  10. Jo Ly, you can also purchase Murad products on or C.O. Bigelow.
  11. I used to use one from Lancome but gave up because it was one more stuff I needed to put on my face..

    I don't recall if I saw any visible results.
    I can never seem to use serum or eye cream :sad:

    Do you recommend any other brand?
  12. i've had bad experiences with vit-c serums... i have very sensitive skin, can only use the clinique bar soap, no moisturizer only an aloe gel lotion- everthing else gives me hives more or less. But i live on the beach, go almost everyday and always use sunscreen no-ad 45 block, hardly ever sunburn (just last week i did though, dont know why) but i think my skin is looking older everyday... early 20's and i'm already worried! so i want to try it again. a lot of my friends swear by it, most of them use the organic version from the whole foods store. i had an allergic reaction to that brand though (jason?) so i picked up the vit-c serum (from body shop) and it made my skin go haywire- clogged pores, major break-outs even...

    so- umm... anyone know of one that is meant for very sensitive skin and is very light? i guess i should try the murad- but its kind of expensive to just test it out if my skin rejects it. so, anyone with similar skin to mine tried that before?

  13. So.... Is it just for anti-aging???? I am 36 now will take all the help I can get. I think my pores are getting larger by the day.
  14. Yep. It helps with that too. It was recommended to me by dermatologist. I started out with skinceuticals, then moved to Vivier and now use PSF.

    mocean -- I have not used the organic lines. i have to admit that i go for the higher end stuff. i know it seems expensive but one bottle should last six months because it should be applied sparingly. if we are buying bbags, this is nothing.

    For anyone starting to use this, I would start with the 10% and gradually make your way up to the 20% to see how your skin reacts.

    check out this thread for info:

    to read additional pages, i think you will have to register.
  15. mocean, my skin is fairly sensitive; I can't just use any product or I break out, so I try to only use skincare lines recommended by my esthetician (ie. Dermalogica, Bioelements). I checked out Murad on my own by getting samples to try at home (I did this at C.O. Bigelow, but Sephora will do this too). They can give a few days worth, enough to give you an idea of whether your skin will react adversely to the product.

    Besides vitamin C products, for eyes I also really like Caudalie's Eye-Lifting Serum.