How many of you order your Coach from Ebay?

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  1. How many of you order your Coach from eBay?

    Just what it says....:yes:

    I have NEVER ordered from eBay before...I am an eBay <gasp> Virgin....:push:

    However, I wanted to know how many people here order from Ebay when Purchasing Coach? And is there a method to the madness?

  2. I've purchased many things from ebay - my DH even bought a classic convertible from ebay! But I am afraid to venture into Coach. I see all the great deals people on here get and I get so curious, but in the end I chicken out.
  3. That sounds like me!! LOL
  4. I'd say over half of my Coach purchases are from e-bay. I very rarely have any problems. My most recent purchase was my med carly in khaki/gold. Its beautiful!
  5. I have bought some stuff from ebay....but nothing expensive. Sometimes I get on ebay and look at Coach stuff, but I'm too scared to buy Coach on there! The only way I would buy Coach on ebay is if someone on here recommended a seller that they knew sold authentic Coach.
  6. Most of mine have come from there with careful researching. I've only bought about 4 things from boutiques/outlets.
  7. i dont bc m not yet good enough at recognizing fakes. plus in canada it costs more w duty etc. also i just find getting it all wrapped up nice in the store is part of the experience!
  8. I have purchased a lot of Coach from ebay. I have not had a problem with a fake yet...but I do think in order to lower the risk of being scammed, a buyer has to 1) know the product very well 2) know ebay well and 3) know the tricks the scammers use on ebay (like using stock or stolen photos, rather than photos of the actual item). Ebay itself has discussion forums, and they are a great place to learn--I highly recommend them!
  9. I have bought a lot of Coach on ebay.. I would say 60% of my collection has been from ebay.. I have sold some stuff back off on ebay but I still have 6 bags from ebay and 3 wristlets

    So far I haven't had a problem except the fact that it is addicting!!
  10. I have purchased quite a few coach items on ebay, and I have sold quite a bit too. :graucho: 99% of the time it works out perfectly.. you just have to know how to authenticate (or post it on the authenticate thread) and know what a good deal is and the seller. It can be done and it can be great! :tup:
  11. I don't buy my bags off ebay, but I buy some of my accessories. Like charms, wristlets, etc. I am kinda chicken to make a big purchase like a bag.
  12. I agree with abitzberger. ^^ I will sometimes purchase accessories or even a wristlet from ebay.

    But for big major purchases such as a handbag, I prefer to check it out in person at the store or outlet. Sometimes modeling pics aren't enough for me, I need to see it and try it on IRL.
  13. I have no problem ordering Coach from ebay. I just STUDY the pic to make sure its real. Its always a good sign that it comes with the tags and I always make sure that the C's line up. Also, make sure they have a return policy if you arent sure.

    I LOVE EBAY!!! :heart:
  14. Every item of coach I have has come from ebay with the exception of my punch cosmetic case.
  15. Yeah..I'm too chicken! I'm not that good at spotting fakes yet...and also I'm scared that if I buy one or two...there goes my life savings lol. I'm sure I will at some point though.