How many of you like/wear cowboy boots?

  1. I saw a woman in downtown Chicago yesterday with wide leg jeans and a what I thought were short booties...someone else next to me complimented her and she pulled up her pant leg to reveal the most stunning black cowboy boots I have ever seen. I see cowboy boots from time to time in some of the boutiques here, but never thought about buying a pair...hers looked super expensive!!

    What do you guys think? Does anyone own a pair? I would think you may be somehwat limited on the things you can wear them with.....but maybe not. Thoughts?

  2. I have a pair of Rocketbuster cow"girl" boots that I love to wear with skirts because they are so unique.
  3. I have a pair of G Series (part of cole haan) cowboy boots and I wore them a lot last year with my Antik Denim jeans...just kinda pulled all together. However, I'm not really into them as much this year, hmmm...
  4. I have some brown leather Justin cowboy boots-- but they're actual work boots! My parents have a farm. LOL. Mine are just plain brown leather, flat sole, and were $120 at a local western outfitters. They're gorgeous though, I love wearing them with jeans or a skirt for the cowgirl look and I get lots of compliments on them in town.
  5. I have some very cool ostrich ones I bought last yr. in Nashville and love them to death! Wore them a lot and they are extremely comfortable - I've always loved cowboy boots though and worn them even when not in style - I usually wear with jeans though....I also have black ones from the Sundance catalog....the ostrich ones though are really Lucchese (sp?)
  6. ME! I looove Luchesse boots, the quality and craftsmanship is incredible. I ride horses, although English, so I don't feel as silly wearing them since I actually use them at the barn. :rolleyes:;) My SO is from Oklahoma and he has like 9 pairs:wtf:, and they are all super fancy, custom ones made out of ostrich, snakeskin, etc..
  7. I have a Stuart Weitzman pair and they are fabulous. Lately I've been going nuts in the boot department, I have all these Chloe boots and booties but there is still a place in my heart for those SW cowboy boots and yes, I'm gonna wear them!
  8. Thanks for the responses ladies...yes..the woman I saw downtown did mention her boots were by Luchesse! They were ostrich too...guess i'll have to do some reseach and get me a pair!!!

  9. ME ME ME ! :heart: i love Lucchese cowboy boots ! i have the turquoise ones and just bought black and red ones ... i love my bling ones as well...( not Lucchese though ) i practically live in cowboy boots all autumn and winter :drool:
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  10. I love cowboy boots! I haven't found a pair for myself yet, but a pair I bought recently look a bit western:


    Boots add a lot of oomf to an everyday outfit when you want a low heel, but don't want to wear sneakers or sandals.
  11. ^ Ha!! Love that pic lol!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have several pairs I have gotten over the years...they just keep coming back! I have a pair of snake skin in black and white that are soooo cool. Then I have a couple of pairs that are more cowboy style, not real cowboy(or should I say cowgirl) boots. Love 'em!
  13. purplekicks - that picture is amazing.
  14. Thanks; I like fun poses :p
  15. I love cowboy boots. But I don't wear them because I live in a place where it'd be too cliche.

    purple kicks - awesome picture!