How many of you ladies wore CL for Chinese New Year?

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  1. I know there's a few Asian ladies here on this forum so I was curious to see how many of you ladies wore CL's for Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year.

    CL's are basically the perfect Chinese New Year shoe imo, since the red soles mean we're red to the tips of our shoes and red obviously means luck in Chinese =).

    So please, post pics of your CNY outfits or shoes and share with us what all of you ladies wore! :smile:

    Here's my outfit:

    I wore a yellow dress and my NP red glittart. :smile:

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  2. ^^Aw, you're so adorable! I didn't really celebrate today.
  3. luxlover - i love your outfit!! sooo cute!
  4. luxlover, you look adorable! love your yellow dress! :yahoo:
  5. luxlover you are gorgeous! Love your hair, your dress, shoes, everything!
  6. luxlover - Your outfit looks really pretty !!! Love the dress on you !!!!

    I did not have much celebration coz I am not with my family :crybaby:
  7. cute lux lover!!
    i made i mistake i thought we were going out last night but its actually on friday, but we did have family over n i wore my vps =P
    pics up after uni =)
  8. We did most of our new years this past weekend. I wore my python simples :smile:
  9. luxlover your outfit is gorgeous!
  10. lux, You look lovely!
  11. You're too cute! I ended up wearing my black kid Delic with just jeans. I wish it was warm enough here to wear dresses!
  12. adorable outfit, luxlover! I stayed home all day yesterday, so no CL's for Chinese New Year.
  13. I didn't wear CL's since it was "really cold" here in Dallas. I wore Uggs =P
  14. This is slightly O/T, but Luxlover, you really look like Cecilia Cheung! I was browsing through the Herve Leger thread earlier and thought I was looking at Cecilia Cheung in her younger days. Except I don't think she dresses as well as you do in all those pics.
  15. #15 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I did, LOL! That's me and my niece and my VP's. I am not sure you can see the red soles.