How Many of you Ladies Regulary Check TPF at Work?

  1. I am curious as to how many of you check TPF at work? I am guilty...Sorry if this is a repeat thread...I am still pretty new to this site.:shame:
  2. This is a general discussion thread, and thus belongs in the GD forum. :yes:
  3. Oh...Ok, thank you!!!
  4. All day every day.
  5. I'm at work now...i'm constantly on here esp at work lol
  6. I'm actually on more often when I'm at work (8a-5p), I just have it open in the background :p
  7. I ALWAYS do... but everyone just knew I was and stopped caring :amuse:

  8. lol the same goes for me
  9. IT is pretty restrictive at work and closely monitors what we look at. Hotmail and other e-mail sites are blocked, as well as other sites. I normally don't sign on at work, instead I go to the public library down the street over my lunch hour sometimes and check in :yes:
  10. I'm on mostly all the time at work, leave it up so if I have time I can be on TPF and then I can come back later!!!:shame:
  11. they don't seem to care if we're browsing the web at work... i haven't come across any blocked sites yet... so yep, I'd say i check in at least once a day if I'm super busy... a little more if there isn't anything to do!
  12. heck, i got fired a few months back for being on the internet at work.
  13. 8-4 every day, and its always there in the background.
  14. I use to when I had a desk job but now I don't since I'm mostly on the floor.
  15. tee hee...sometimes I feel guilty about it, but if my work doesn't suffer then I guess it is ok...I'm not sure sure about the Neiman Marcus and elux shopping though...perhaps I should do that at home! HA!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: