How many of you have the speedy B ?

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  1. So I'm twisting and turning in my thoughts on this.

    I wanted an Artsy, my husband purchased me the Artsy MM in mono.

    I really love the fact that I can throw loads in it but OMG I get so frustrated at trying to find things in it.

    I'm thinking I should sell the Artsy and get a Speedy B, this would be my every day go to bag.

    Who as one and what are the pros and cons as an everyday bag?

    Thanks ladies x
  2. Have you tried using a bag insert? If you really want to stick to the Artsy, but hate the black hole feature, maybe a bag insert will help you find your items.

    I have a speedy B that I use everyday. I find it very easy to use as I just throw things in and swing it cross body as a messenger bag since its a size 40.
  3. This is the other thing, the strap I find quite annoying, not really long enough to have over shoulder with coat on, and for everyday I do like a across the body bag.

    And yes it is the whole black hole thing haha.
  4. I have a speedy b 30 in ebene and love it!!! It's so versatile to have the three options to wear it, it's the best design LV made IMO. You won't go wrong with it. Good luck with your decision :smile:
  5. I have mono speedy b 25. I bought and sold the speedy b 30 three times before I realized I wanted a smaller so it didn't look like luggage when wearing it cross body. I love this bag and so versatile. For me though 30 looks strange cross body but 25 looks perfect:smile: IMO
  6. I'm off to Manchester this weekend, will have to have a good look I think.

    Trying to consider stream lining my collection now, into practical and then going out pieces as storage is becoming an issue.

    In all honesty it's been a while since something I really liked was made so stream lining seams the way to go at the min.
  7. I use my speedy b the most. I have a sully that I love, but hardly use. The speedy b is great I feel like I end up using it everyday for weeks and just because I love it. I got a small dust bag to keep the strap and strap extender when I'm not using the strap. I mostly wear it crossbody, but love that I can instantly switch it to shoulder or handheld.
  8. I love speedy b so much I have two. Two different prints. It really is such a functional bag. Can be dressed up or down. Love it!
  9. I have a speedy B 35 I have been wearing it everyday for a few weeks now. I love it, I may actually be shortening the strap soon cause it's a little too long for my liking but I love it. I stuff a bunch of stuff in it being as I am a busy mom so I stuff anything from snacks to socks in there
  10. I have two Emp. Speedy B's - love them -- it's all pros for me -- no cons!!!
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    Which 2 prints do you have?
    I am getting my Speedy B in DE by next week. Since I already the Metis Mono n getting the speedy DE..I am thinking of getting something in Azur next. But my eyes are still on another Speedy B but now in Azur. Still pondering on it.
  12. I have the speedy b 30 in de and emp speedy b 30 in noir.
    My next bag will likely be another emp speedy b but in 25 - I really had no love for the speedy collection until they came out with the bandouliere version. Now it's become my everyday bag as it is so versatile, easy to find things in with a purse liner/organizer (from Purse To Go - jumbo size for 30), and it's so carefree. I highly recommend it. Artsy was the only bag I bought and sold before (in empreinte). I just found it to be a hassle and felt like my emp metis fit onto my body better.
  13. I have the speedy b 30 and love it. I plan on gettin a 25 in the mono
  14. I have the empreinte 25 and love it! such an awesome bag! you can dress it up or down - just great!!😍
  15. No Speedy B for me, sadly it's just not my style.