How many of you have red epi bags?

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  1. I am sooo conservative when it comes to the color of my bags. I have tons of black, brown, beige bags but no color. I am kind of afraid though to invest $ in a red bag. I like them on display in the store and in the visual aids thread. But I don't know if I can pull it off. Does it attract too much attention? What do you all think? I guess I could always chicken out and get a black epi.:yes:
  2. I only have one so far (one more MAY be coming soon!:whistle:). I like bags that stand out so I've always liked bright bags.:graucho: What are you thinking of getting?
  3. I really have no idea. I like the speedy and the jasmin but then again it would be so convenient to have a shoulder bag. Anyhow I haven't seen any shoulder bags that I'm in love with in epi.
  4. Irene, I can't wait to see your next bag!!
  5. Don't get too excited! It's only another NOE!!!:nuts::graucho::lol:
  6. That's a beautiful thing!?!:yes:
  7. Missy, can I just comment on your pic (without sounding weird): You are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!:nuts:
  8. Aww. shucks! :shame: Thanks so much!:yahoo: I thinks that's awesome NOT at all weird!

    Well, I absolutely think you are too! I can kinda glipse a portion of your face in the pics where you are holding your hangbags! I wanted to say something but I didn't want you to think I was weird! LOL :love:
  9. i think red epi bags are stunning. i like handheld bag and will get the segur pm next! i will get it in black though as i do not have a black bag yet. if you want a red epi shoulder bag, how about the segur mm, soufflot, passy gm?
  10. I have a red epi Alma and love it. I like bright colors, they're fun. I also have a mandarin epi pont neuf, another great color.
  11. I think red epi goes well with a conservative look. The cut and style of epi bags is very traditional/classic and the color just gives it a nice "twist" (my personal taste is that black epi is a little boring - not everyone's view, I know ;) ).
  12. I have one coming!!!
  13. I don't have any yet, but a Red Epi Speedy is at the top of my wish list!!!:drool:
  14. when i get an epi, i plan on it being red.
  15. I have a red speedy. I love it so mcuh! and the color actually is easy to match :yes: so don't worry, just go for it!
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