How many of you have received CS when making a return at the boutique?

  1. OOOPS the title should read BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    So, how many of you have received bad or snotty service when making a return at the boutique?

    At the local stuck up store here, I returned something last week, EVERY SA gathered around to look at the item and inspect it. And gave me looks.
    I mean it was NWT, Still had the coach wrapping around it (on the straps and on the pockets). I mean how many Coach SAs does it take to make a return?
    What was even worse was it was on a receipt with $5200 worth of stuff. So what if I return one 300 item?
    This pisses me off so badly.

    I also had to go back in to EXCHANGE a Mandy because it wasn't up to my expectations. They don't have any legacy there because they are a hole in the wall store, so I had to take it in to 'return' to them and re-order the same bag. Well the same thing happened, all the SA's gathered around to inspect the bag and asking me questions as to what was wrong with it, etc.

    I mean it's my choice right? If i pay 800 for a bag I want it to be a bag that's up to the quality I expect.
    I really freakin hate that store. Sighs.

    I have some other returns to make (my mineral hobo came in yesterday and I don't like it at all) and I don't even want to go in there to make it. I'm going to make it at the outlet this weekend, but it bothers me to know that it will stay there, get marked down, and someone will get a discount on it while I paid offa full price.

    Anyway, as for the original question, how many of you have had similar experiences?
  2. so far i have been very lucky that my sa's are super nice. there are 2 coach boutiques in the milwaukee area that i frequent and both of them have the friendliest SAs.
  3. I hear ya....I've had good and bad experiences. Last night I had a WONDERFUL experience returning both my Turquoise Ergo Wristlet and my Damaged Scribble Umbrella. The SAs there could not have been nicer or more helpful!!!
    But...just last week I returned the Sig Stripe Crimson set I got w/PCE (to the OTHER Coach Boutique). That SA in there (I think she may even be a Manager) was SOOOOOOOO RUDE!!! UGH...she is even the one who helped me ORDER the Crimson stuff - knowing I might return it after seeing it IRL. UGH! Then, I had to go in to pick up my other ERgo Wristlet (Long Story) and she acted so irritated at me. I have switched my Coach Business the the OTHER (nicer and even more 'upscale') Coach Boutique in town!!! I doubt if I'll even go back to the rude one :yes:
  4. i've only ever returned items twice, and had no issues with SAs at all. I've exchanged once, and they were more than helpful as well, and these weren't even the regulars i've worked with before.

    i think it all depends on who it is you're dealing with.
  5. I've returned 2 bags to a boutique, the rest I returned via mail. The two returns were smooth and easy. The SAs were super nice. I had no issues whatsoever. My first return didn't have a receipt either, I had lost it but they helped me very kindly anyway.
  6. I have only returned to outlets, and never had any problems.. very easy, smooth and nice. I am about to return 2 purses to the boutique today and I am nervous!! :wtf:
  7. There is no excuse but with all of those purchases you made, no doubt they thought you were a power seller and using your PCE to get a discount and make a profit on eBay. I guess Coach frowns on that.
  8. It is possible that this is what they thought, but their rudeness was inexcusable. I am sorry you had a negative experience at that Coach store.
  9. I HATE making returns at Coach. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! I have to take my Mineral hobo back today to exchange it for another one (theres a line on it I didnt notice last night, my daughter says its fine but it will bug me) and they were SO helpful last night . They didnt even have the new stuff out completely and they opened boxes just to find what I wanted.
  10. That should NOT make a difference. Anyone who drops that kind of dough should be carried out to their car on the shoulders of those SAs, and the manager should be offering a customer like PyAri her first born.
    That's ridiculous to get treated that way. It's also ridiculous for someone just "browsing" to get poor customer service.
    When you shop the boutique, you should get boutique service, whether you have a return, buy a key fob, just browse, want a catalog or drop a lot of $$ on 15 new bags. It shouldn't matter.
    Coach cannot control who buys their product or what they do with it once it's purchased and it's none of their business regardless.
    I have no problem for people buying with their PCE and re-selling, especially if there are people who don't have access to Coach, like the woman from the Cayman Islands, and eBay is their only alternative.
    If those SAs were rude because they thought that PyAri was using her PCE to buy and re-sell, they need to get their priorities straight, after all, her purchases paid for one of their salaries for 6 months.
    Rant over!
    (Sorry, not mad at you, just mad at my own experience yesterday at Coach)
  11. Hmm, I guess I could see that If I was buying like 2-3 of everything.
    Also, if they weren't like that all the time I would more inclined to believe that. I just have a sh*tty store near me.
  12. Nordstroms is the gold standard for customer service and satisfaction. My returns at Coach have both been sub-par, when compared to my returns at Nords. To me, its a sign of desperation when they can't look you in the eye, smile and say "No worries, we want you to be happy." At Nords, they smile from moment one, regardless of the transaction. IMO, of course :smile:
  13. I don't work for Coach and I honestly don't care what people do with their coach purchases either but as far as the SA go, it is just like any other job. They are not making a percentage of the profits. Have you ever worked for a big corp and comparatively earned Sh&#% wages ? I am sure they have to deal with a lot of snootiness on the other end too but minimally good customer service should be expected because i am sure there are many people who would love to have their jobs and get their discounts but I don't think they should be doing cartwheels for people. I would be skeptical if someone bought over 5,000 dollars worth of stuff like does anyone need that many purses at one time plus duplicates ? And if they do that is great but not the norm.
  14. who said anything about duplicates? If you were referring to me, I stated that I bought one of each thing that I really wanted except the Maude Xl because I bought one for my mom to use as a carry on.

    As for being skeptical, it is any of their da*m business how much a customer spends? also, I highly doubt I'm the only person that's dropped that amount of money during PCE. If you do the math at what I saved with the 25% you'd see why someone would choose to save their boutique purchases to buy at '''one time" during PCE. i'm postive people have come in and spent twice as much.

    anyway, whether it's the norm or not, it doesn't justify bad customer service, just like coming in and just browsing as citcat stated, doesn't.
  15. Oh no I agree ! I was talking about ebay sellers who buy duplicates and in quantities. Maybe if your store is a "hole in the wall" like you said then there aren't many people in your area that buy that much so they feel like they can treat re-sellers with less respect. I am not saying it is right, just maybe that is what there thinking is ?