How many of you have matching bags & wallets?

  1. I'm curious to know how many of you have matching LV bags and LV wallets (from the same line, for example mono wallet w/ mono bag)?
  2. Damier zipped compact wallet to match Damier Sarria mini, Recoleta, Illovo PM

    Mono Accordeon wallet for my Beverly MM, Batignolles, Papillon 26.
  3. <---- Me!

    I have Black & White MC bags with matching Black & White MC Wallets and I have 1 Black Epi Speedy with a matching Black Epi Zippy Wallet.

    I'm a matchy-matchy kind of girl. :biggrin:

    However, sometimes I mix-n-match when I just feel like it.
  4. I only have one lv wallet which is white mc PTI and use it with all of my bags
    but I'm thinking of gettin vernis wallet to match w/my roxbury
    I do have other wallets but it just doesn't feel right to use non lv wallet with lv bags lol
  5. I love my Monogram Pochette Wallet for my Speedy 25. I want a Black Epi wallet for my Epi Montaigne Clutch. I would love to get the Cozy Purse for my MC Rift. And I would love to get a small Damier wallet for my new Pochette.
  6. I don't buy to match, I buy what I like and what I think looks good. Thanks being said I ahve a Pomme French Purse and a matching Pomme Roxbury. I also have a mono Pochette wallet and a ton of mono bags: BH, Mini Looping, Vavin PM, Speedy 25, Musette Tango, Papillon 26, Petite Bucket. However, I do use BOTH wallets with: Bronze Vernis Reade, Amarante Rosewood, Neo Speedy in Fuschia, Bagy PM, Neo Cabby MM in Black, Damier Speedy, and Damier and Mono Sophie.

    Rather then go by print I go by size. French Purse for small bags, Pochette for bigger ones--although lately I am only using the French Purse since I am soo lazy.

    Some day when I have money again my goal is to buy an Amarante Koala Wallet because I think it is beautiful and will look fab with Damier!
  7. I have a few wallets that I rotate (maybe every few months), but I don't bother matching them with my bags (I have a Chanel Cambon, LV Monogram and LV Vernis). I don't mind not being matchy-matchy.
  8. i guess i'm a matchy type.
    i have the epi french purse to match my epi lussac.
    PTI in damier to match all of the damier stuff
    Tresor in mono to match the mono
    Pochette vernis in noisette to match the noisette brentwood
    PTI in mat to match the mat willwood
    my pomme pochette needs a matching rosewood, but i like it in amarante
    would they look weird together? pomme with amarante?
  9. I have a Mono Koala that matches some of my bags. I don't change wallets when I use other bags that are not Mono. But I also have a Mono Cles and a Mono Pochette that I carry daily in my purse. So those match my wallet.
  10. just got the epi mandarin purse & first set!
  11. Hmm..the mono billfold and Groom wallets match my mono bags. My Peppermint Vernis PTI matches my Peppermint Bedford...the Fuchsia Pochette wallet matches my Lexington (though it doesn't fit in there) and my black MC PTI matches my black MC Sologne, Speedy and Pochette.
  12. I do! Mono Pochette wallet and mono Popincourt Haut!
  13. all my LV matches. hehehe... i only have all mono items.
  14. damier brazza to match my damier alma
    pomme ludlow to go with my pomme roxbury drive
    but these wallets go inside my monogram and epi pieces, too.
  15. For my four mono bags LH, PH, Tulum pm and speedy 30 I got my one and only LV wallet the groom pouchette wallet (with the red stripe and interior) love love love not only matches my mono stuff and punches it up but, it looks good with my pomme roxbury and my gucci red goes with everything and adds it is limited..I love that they will be gone soon and that is it for the groom collection...unique and fun!!!