how many of you have jack russells?

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  1. i was just wondering how many of you have jack russells weve heard about the more popular breeds (frencies, boxers, yorkshire terriers)
    i love my little man hes a sweetheart so loving and such a strong personality!
    hes cuddled up with me on the sofa as i write this!!!

    jacks are very popular in the u.k i was wondering if there are many in other parts of the world.

    post pics to i would love to see your little darlings!

    ill add a pic of my little man soon!
  2. my bf's father has 4..personally not a fan of them..
  3. my brother rescued a JR girl and named her Casey. I don't think Casey is a typical JR though. She is so mellow and loves to couch-potato and snuggle under blankets. She's a real sweet heart! I will go grab a picture to post.
  4. ok heres my little man,

    hes only a year and a few months,
    he was a crazy pup and loved being the center of attention.
    hes just starting to settle down and hes so loving! he loves coming up to us and putting his paws on our shoulders like a cuddle!!

    here he is doing the look at me pose when i was taking pics of my new bag for the chloe thread!!!
  5. my dogs starting to settle he also loved getting under blankets, i think its in the breed them liking to dig and stuff.
    he loves to lay on his back in the sun best!!! having a good sunbath
  6. 4 OMG i dont think i could handle that many 1is enough!
    they are mad in a little pack like that!!
  7. I'm lucky enough to have one of the quiet JRT's. :heart: Here's a picture of Lucy with one of my cats Maxine.

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  8. ^ ITA. One is really enough. They can be such hyper creatures.
  9. oh shes beautiful unfortunately my dogs ears went up we always hoped that they would stay down!
    they only go down when hes tierd!
  10. Here are the pictures of my brothers JRT Casey. She's adorable! (I think she is about 4 years old)

    casey.jpg caseybunny.jpg
  11. I have one! He is a wild man! Cute as he can be, though.
  12. In a former neighborhood, someone had 3. They barked like crazy when anyone walked by the house and if they were outside on leashes with the owner they barked and pulled/jumped at people like they wanted to bite their heads off. It turned me off of them, which probably isn't fair. Maybe 1 or 2 would be better, or really good training.

    I think the tv show with Wishbone made the breed more popular.
  13. I'm thinking my next dog will be a rough coat JRT- we have three cow dogs, but the terriers are dear-some are rotten, but I see many, many great ones. They do need a firm hand!
  14. I've had 3 JRTs over the years. My father's folks, in N. Ireland, bred them. They are a very smart little dog (sometimes too smart) but not the easiest. They come in two catagories...under 10"/over 10" height, rough or smooth coat. I notice more under 10" in the US. My little "Jimmy Cagney" is the lemon/white color and the nastiest little dog. The only nasty dog I've ever owned (and I've owned/bred many breeds of dogs). Can't trust him, all my friends are afraid of him. He growls at everything, and has been known to nip. The other two were wonderful, so it may be inbreeding. He has tormented my horses and the other dogs. He sleeps with my husband and will growl/nip, if you move your leggs too quickly. Now that's a rotten dog! But we love him, warts and one else would put up with him. He's 8 years old now...always hoping he'll get better.