How many of you have had someone say....

  1. "You bought another Coach purse???"

    I only have 3, so this really annoys me. It's my money, I can buy whatever I want with it. It's not my fault other people don't want to spend the $.
  2. I'll venture to say everyone here has. *L* I know I have. They just don't get my obsession with bags. I don't get my mom's obsession with vases, or bf's obsession with airsoft stuff. Everybody has their one thing they can't get enough of.
  3. My coworkers (one in particular) will always say "another new coach?"

    Hey - can I help it that Christmas and my birthday are so close together?! I have 4 new bags to rotate between!

    But like you said, it's OUR money...we chose how to spend it. I, for one, don't have children I can afford to be a smidge more frivolous. Once the kiddies come...I know I'll cut back.

    (And, to quote my brother, when I "push one out"...he'll buy me the designer diaper bag of my choice...heheh)
  4. As long as our bills get paid, who cares, right?
  5. It happens to me and REALLY annoys me too. I think it's the way they say you're crazy or something.
  6. Sometimes it does. But all the girls know I sell my old ones at eBay.

    Their next question usaully is, "which one is going to eBay??"
  7. oh definately.

    if not the "you got ANOTHER bag" question, it's something to do with accessories (since i get a new accessory just about every week).

    i really don't know if it's an issue of people not wanting to spend the money, really. maybe they just don't see the point of having more than one bag? (i know my mom is that way...she thinks all you need is one and you're set)
  8. Ack! I know...I hate that. But like others said, everyone has their own priorities. Some of my friends/family choose to spend their extra money on things like ski passes and ski equipment, or dinner and a movie several times a month, or expensive wine, or whatever. I just happen to choose to spend mine on purses. And get a lot more joy out of them than if I spent it on something else.
  9. Oh yes. But I tell them that Coach purses are an investment, they will last forever. They're useful and make you look beautiful. And if I decide to sell them on eBay I get a decent return on them - so what's wrong with that?
  10. People say this to me about everything.. I don't have that many but I guess I have a lot for a 16 year old. I have around 10 or so.. but.. hey, if my mom wants to buy me Coach stuff or any other designer items for that matter it's no ones business.. one time a teacher made a huge deal that i had matching coach sneakers.. it was really annoying. I had to explain "my mom bought me it for school shopping during the summer" how annoying
  11. All the time. But it doesn't faze me. Never does and never will.

    I earn my own money. I have no debt and am not going in debt cause of it. I get what I like on a bargain price. So why not?
  12. WELL SAID, Stophle!:yes:
  13. Yeah, I get this a lot from my friends, but they just think it is funny to see how excited I get over a bag!! And of course they are always there with their hands out when I am cleanin' out my closet!!
  14. All the time. HATERS!
  15. Justin and my mom are the same drives me up the wall bc i cant spend money without Justin giving me a lecture!!