how many of you have gotten a jump start on spring?

  1. I know that the forum has gone NUTS for spring recently. I was wondering how many of you were currently using your spring purchases even though it's still winter (blah).

    I saw a girl out yesterday carrying a Madeline (khaki sig with white leather trim and the green scarf!) and I thought that maybe I could take out MY spring bag even though it's a bit early. :sweatdrop:

  2. Just the opposite for me! I've been lurking at outlet finding clearanced winter bags because I am not a spring/summer bag person at all. The pastels and light colors just don't do anything for me, so I've been stocking up on winter colors!
  3. I am! I'm using my heritage stripe demi in pink already. Got so many compliments. And even SA"s are like, that didn't come out yet that's so cute and yada yada...I love it. I don't care if it's a spring bag and I'm using it during winter, a bag is a bag and I'll use it anytime of the year. So go ahead and use yours.
  4. Well I have been using my white Ali.. I don't know if that counts since they now say winter white and the whole labor day thing is totally out the window.. but I love to wear her against a hot pink, coral or teal shirt!!! :tup: ( I also live where it doesn't snow)
  5. I have been carrying my Magenta Pink Bleeker Duffle this week because I just got it and I love it so! I will probably start carrying my Canary Bleeker Duffle in February sometime. I do have a white Ali like fields but I have not carried her of late. I just love color so I am enjoying all the Bleeker Colors. Coach has not done color for a while and it
    is so refreshing to see all of the brights!
  6. I SO want to carry my new medium pink Heritage Stripe tote but my DH is convinced it's a SPRING bag so I shouldn't use her till the first day of spring. That's what I get for convincing him I NEEDED this SPRING looking bag before it sold out!!!! HAHA!!!!

    But it's 15 degrees for the high here today....I dunno....I REALLY want to take her out for a spin! :smile:

  7. Just do it!!!! The heck with seasons....if you have a new bag and you're dying to wear it, Just wear it! :tup::yes:
  8. You're right!!! I think I WILL!!! YAY!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. TnC I totally agree with you! Why do we have to go by the season?? If you buy a bag use it no matter if its in a spring color and it's currently winter! I personally don't give a crap about stuff like that. I spent my money on something I like and I plan on using it regardless of the time of year. Shoot be different.
  10. I have a white pebbled leather East West soho duffle that is being hibernating during winter.. Can't wait to carry her for the spring and summer. It's so rainy where I live so I am afraid to ruin my precious white leather baby:p
  11. Where I live it's still NO white after labor I'm enjoying all my chocolate bags and my dark leathers now!!! I just bought a fall patchwork Carly though (which will hopefully be arriving TODAY!!!!), which I THINK I am going to hold off on using til April so I can rip out a new bag for spring...if spring ever comes!!!! But I think you should do what you want to do!!! If you want to wear a spring bag now, DO IT!!! It will add a nice spice of color to this dreary winter!!!
  12. I don't think I've seen much of "winter" here in AZ anyhow. I think we had maybe 2 weeks of real cold (although, nothing like everyone in the eastern side) but that's it. So, light colored handbags never really disappeared even during the holidays. *LOL*
  13. here in the truth north strong and free, a spring bag just doesnt work w our parkas, gloves and tucs. maybe we will get an early thaw!
  14. wow yay... can't wait to see your patchwork Carly today!!! :tup:
    have I mentioned that this will be my next bag? I think I have hehehehe
  15. I am sooooooooo happy to hear that!!!! I LOVE how the bag LOOKS and cant wait to see it!!! I was a little disappointed last night b/c I tracked it and it was reading "delay beyond our control" so I freaked out!!!! My hubby called FedEx directly and they told him the PLANE was delayed, but the package should still be here today!!!!! LOL I tracked it today and it reads "out for delivery" so we'll see!!!! I'm sooooooooo EXCITED!!!! :yahoo: