How Many of You Have Found Something Wrong With Your Coach Bags?

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  1. Okay, I've only been buying since Feb07 and it's really bothering me that it's more often than not that I find some kind of flaw with bags/accessories that I've purchased. Even Items from the full price store.

    Example 1: when I first got my Katy, there was a mark on the metallic leather part on the front of the bag, I had to return it and get another.

    Example 2: the first legacy french frame wallet I bought back in March had a huge blob (like blob you would see in chunky nail polish) on the top of the leather near the coin opening part, the locks. I was disgusted, but kept it anyway because I really like the wallet and they were sold out at the time.

    So during April I ordered 2 more in hopes that one will have the stripe order I wanted and would be flawless. Well one, was bumpy all across the top of the wallet (right above the turnlock) as if something was under it. And the other was rounded off at the bottom
    When it should be a square, and the stitching was off.

    Example 3: My new khaki satchel has some stitching that is loose towards the left hand pocket.

    Example 4: The stitching on my sig clip hobo was very uneven, to the point, that if I didn’t know any better I’d think it was a fake. Return.

    Example 5: The mandy I ordered look as if though it has been severely use because the leather above the turnlocks were heavily creased. I sent it back, ordered another and the one that came in, looks as if it has stretch marks all down the bottom of the bag. The stretch marks also are lighter than the rest of the bag. So I ordered my THIRD one from a far away store in hopes that the employee would be able to hand pick me a nice one. I'm waiting on that to come in. The Ali I received is the same way. You can say it’s the nature of the leather, but I’ve seen the same bags in great condition.

    OMG, the list can go on, but I won’t bore you as I’m sure you get the point. It’s frustrating me to write it out, because I’m realizing that with every piece I buy, I’m having to very carefully inspect it. Very carefully inspect it as if I’m buying a bag from a discount store or a store like marshall’s/tj maxx that often gets blemished items. Is it just me or does anyone agree that this SHOULD NOT be necessary when paying full price for a bag?

    If you've had similar experiences with any of your Coach items, please post up. I'd like to know how frequent this type of stuff happens or if it's just me.

  2. The leather pull tab on my black signature duffle has uneven stitiching, the kind you look for when looking for fakes.
  3. I just noticed today that the outside top stitching on my medium black Carly looks like its frayed. The inside stitching looks fine.
  4. I was having this very same discussion with the sa at the store after I got a bad wristlet and my patent hobo had a black stain.

    She said that the sa's there have personally gotten 3 messed up bags incl a patent ergo that was so wrinkled it looked like it was from the dollar store

    quality control seems to be severely lacking lately.
  5. my very first bag i got, almost a year ago, had loose stitching on the strap that was popping out. i exchanged it for a different type of bag. my hamptons weekend tote has a zipper that doesn't zip easily, but other than that, i have had no other problems.
  6. So far, every scribble mini skinny I have come across has been jacked up. I finally found one that was acceptable enough to give to my niece as a gift.

    I just returned a signature stripe tote because the C's didn't line up on the seams (the tote was real - but this imperfection really made it look fake, IMO). I returned a camel leather carly because it had black blemishes on the leather.

    That's all I can think of now.
  7. The Hippie Bags I saw at Lancaster last month had creases in the leather by the turnlocks. I passed on all but one due to this.

  8. Wow, that's not good. :oh:
  9. let's see, my signature stripe tote is pulling at the seams on top, and the c's don't line up on the sides of that or a denim tote i have. we should forward this thread to COACH!!
  10. I have noticed that the "C's" on the major side and bottom seams do not line up anymore on ANY of the signature pieces! I saw this with my new denim tote. This has not always been the case because I didn't see this on any of my older signature pieces.
  11. Well...with my entire collection the ONLY problem I have had is the turnlock on my first rose legacy leather flap....And I've been buying since around 2002...and have a pretty large collection of bags, accessories and shoes. The turnlock problem - bought the bag in Oct 2006....turnlock was lost in December...bag replaced no problem...and I've bought several things since then with no problem. And my friend that has as much coach as I do....her first problem she's had was with the patent ergo and the leather cracking....

    So personally for me....I don't think there's a problem.
  12. As of this moment, I haven't had any problems BUT ever since Court said that her first red patent hobo had that stain, I make the SA take the bag out for me to inspect before I take it home. I hate to have to go back with anything.
  13. Wow, that's a lot of defects. I wonder if quality suffered when manufacturing was outsourced to China. I don't recall any of my '80s or '90s Coach bags having any defects at all.
  14. I just had to return my brand new Ali in Brown which was shipped to me from JAX. It had a big, very deep dent in the leather on the bottom of the bag. They are going to send me a new one. I hope there's nothing wrong with that one. It was already such a hassle ordering this bag because it is not in the boutiques' computer system.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  15. I've never had a big flaw, other than a black fleck on my pear colored small soho flap. They showed me all the rest of the ones in the store, but the one I got was definitely the best one available, and the flaw was under the flap so you couldn't see it when it was closed. I've actually never had a stitching problem or anything else, except maybe a small scratch on a vintage leather bag that buffed right out with my finger (hey, if it happens through normal use, I guess it could happen during quality control, bagging or boxing...)