How many of you have done this?

  1. When I first got my bag( 2 days ago) I coudn't take the wrapping off of the handles (elux) and just sat and looked at it. I was afraid to touch it...i felt so guilty...and afraid that I was going to change my mind and that they woudnl't accept returns!~!! It took me all night to take off the hb thinks i am such a dork!!!!! :rolleyes:
  2. I'm pretty sure you can take off the wrappers and still return it. Only eluxury and rarely some stores keep them on, most boutiques sell bags without the wrappers.:yes:
  3. Not me! When I got my first bag, I couldn't get the wrappers off and all of my stuff in it fast enough, lol.
  4. Everytime after I buy a bag, I will be so impatient to use it that I started switching the bag in the car on the way home.
  5. I took the wrappers off of mine pretty quick. I just wanted to hold it. (Gosh, it sounds like I'm holding a baby..........with the exception of the plastic wrappers :p )
  6. i normally keep the wrappers for days!!! lol:heart: :p
  7. oh when i buy things from LV, i can't wait to get in the car and switch things over or start using it right away. at least i wait to get in the car to do it.. i've seen people do it while sitting outside eating a cheese danish from vie de france (practically under LV in the mall). lol.
  8. :sad: mine has never come w/ wrappers
  9. me too :p
  10. I'm the exact opposite- my purchases always get used the same day they're purchased :p
  11. me, either! LOL
  12. LOL i've done that too! it's so exciting getting new LVs. :yahoo:
  13. Okay, you are NOT a dork! While my handbags have never come with plastic on the handles, I will keep them boxed up for days, even weeks before I use them. That's when I know that I have too much and need to cut down..LOL:p
  14. Haha I am the same as the other girls here...change into the new bag in the car. (I dont want to do it in the boutique b/c I want to play it cool...but as soon I get in the car, its bag switch time!!)
  15. i eat the wrappers...