How many of you have bought Chanel bag on ebay before?

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  1. What bag was it? What was your experience and how much did you spend? Would you do it again? Share your story, your pros and cons!
  2. I have not because all my chanel bags/woc are black and they are available in the store. However, my friend has bought a chanel purse from e----bay. She bought a NWT fuschia jumbo. It was no longer available in the store; that's why she bought it from e----bay seller. It was a positive experience for her.
  3. Only the vintage ones, they were authenticated on here and I had a great experience. I think there is a thread somewhere of reputable sellers on Ebay, I think that would really help you if you are having doubts :smile:
  4. I bought one bag from an occasional seller- I paid 1000.00 for satin east/west bag. I had a great experience, but have since sold the bag.... I think if you get the bag authenticated and pay through pay pal you have a lot of protection! Good luck
  5. Thanks, ladies.. I'm a bit scared to take the leap as this is my first time and the bag costs a lot but as correctly pointed out by ipurse, if the color is no longer available, ebay is the only option, I suppose..
  6. I did. I bought a vintage M/L lambskin flap. It was the most money I'd ever spent on the bay,and I was VERY nervous. The ladies here authenticated it before I paid.

    Although the seller was not as communicative as I would have liked, everything turned out fine. He shipped it fast and packed it well, and it was exactly as the listing pictures showed.

    That being said, I was a nervous wreck from the moment I paid until I opened the box! But with PayPal and eBay protections in place, I probably didn't need to worry quite so much.

    Good luck!
  7. some people just talk dry but they do have honest heart while others sweet then turned out badly.
  8. I've bought a few from ebay. Including a vintage XL Jumbo, a Diamond stitch tote and another vintage piece that's on it's way. :graucho: A couple of things have been resold as they weren't for me, when it came down to it. Beware the over excited push of the BIN button!
    I know it can be scary to spend that amount over the internet. But it can be a great way to find vintage, or a hard to find sold out color, etc. Just research the seller and always have it authenticated. Also always use PAYPAL with a CREDIT CARD, not a linked bank account, etc. You would be out of luck should you have a dispute. With the CC you can ask for a charge back from CC company as last resort.

    Happy hunting!
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    I bought a vintage m/l flap from ebay and had a very pleasant experience. The seller was very quick in response and very fast in shipping, she's from Asia (yes there are honest reputable sellers from there.). It was a little stressful waiting for the bag but I researched the seller and the bag was authenticated prior and after I received it. I was very happy with the whole transaction.

    Ditto on paying with CC through Paypal. No matter how sweet or honest the seller seems, never pay through bankwire. I did that and lost several hundred dollars. It was a tough lesson to learn.

  10. i did, once, for this very reason. t'was a most sought-after color, but at the time of release, funds were short... later, as expected, all stores were sold out, funds in hand, 1 popped on the bay! bit overpriced, but convinced thyself it was 'meant-to-be' :biggrin:... luckily, seller was a pfer too! helps a lot!
  11. Since this is my first time, could someone please explain to me how will I be covered if a dispute happened between me and the seller? How will I get back the fund from her if I already paid her with this charge back? $3000 is not little but I'm just dying for the bag.. been looking for a long time for the color..

    By the way, thanks all for sharing your experience and also for the useful tips..
  12. Let's just say, the seller sent you a damaged bag. You would file a dispute with paypal. (The instructions are on the site or you could call) If you won the dispute, all is good Paypal will refund back to your account. If for some reason you lose the dispute, even though you feel you're right you can contact your CC company claiming the fraud by the seller and hopefully they will charge back your account and at least you'll still get your money back. If you use funds in your paypal account or use your bank account, once Paypal rules against you, you are out of luck.
  13. ^ I see.. that is good news! My concern is that once paid I dont get items.., but if this is the case at least I'm protected. Thanks lallybelle!

    What selse should I be concern?

    I guess ebay purchase is all about luck on top of reserch, protect youself and all.. if you are lucky, all will go well and both parties happy.
  14. can't agree more! i bought from this very "friendly and sweet" seller, everything looked perfect, turns out the bag is a fake and she never replied/refund!!
    Worst Nightmare in life!!

    But again, if you have the bag authenticate here and pay via ebay/paypal, you will be fully protected ;)
  15. I have once and it happened to be a tPF'r selling it I had no idea at the time.It was not available in stores and was at a good price, if I can get it in store then there would be no point...