How many of you have a Manhattan PM???

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  1. Just curious how many of you ladies have a Manhattan PM???

    Post pics of you and your Manhattan PM here!!
  2. me me! :nuts:
  3. Not me - yet! It is the next non-LE bag I am planning to purchase, though.
  4. me, i have one!!!
  5. I have the GM but was so close to buying the PM as well a while ago. It's such a gorgeous classy bag!!!
  6. Not me.. but I think I'm probably going to get one for some upcoming interviews.. :graucho:
  7. I have one. Carrying it today. It's my only LV that I take to the office.
  8. I have one, it's a lil over 2 years old but still looks good. My mom likes to carry it.
  9. mememe! I just got it the other day and I'm usint it for the first time today! i'll post pics internet at home is wacky again.
  10. Me! I have's a gorgeous bag!
  11. My manhattan
  12. [​IMG]

    mine....and what was inside!!!! i haven't used this poor beauty for a while...time to take her out!!!
  13. i don't have one yet, but its on my wish list.
  14. Me Me.. Mine is almost 3 years old and I am loving it .. !!
  15. Had one, but sold it. I didn't like the looks of it after awhile.