How many of you girls love the baby cabas so much you have two??

  1. I think I am soon to join you:smile: I placed an order tonight and, if it goes through tomorrow, I will be the owner of two of these girls. They just work for me, I hope they are in style for a long time.
  2. i haven't gotten mine yet (sometime in may or august!!!), but i love it enough to have two. it's a beautiful bag. what color do you own and what did you order?
  3. I didn't have 2, I had 3! I had the white, black, and khaki. I love them so much, but sold them off to fund my soft and chain hobos.
  4. congrats, what color did you get?
  5. crossing my fingers (because she isn't processing until tomorrow) a khaki
  6. That would be me! LOL Just love the bag... the style, look, very functional too! Have the khaki and black. I used to have the black original cabas but decided it was just way to big for me.
  7. I have the khaki and the navy coco cabas. I :heart: them both. I just love how I can just stuff all my belongings into them, the durability of the leather and how comfortable the bag simply is to carry. I did have the dark silver for a little bit, but I had to let one go because 3 felt like overkill, but 2 is perfect! ;)
  8. I only have a black right now but would totally get another one if the right color came along. I was snap up a RED one in a heartbeat!
  9. i adore them............a perfect mix of functionality, edginess, and destined to be a new classic, imo. may have started out as a trend but will not end up as one....too perfect a style and size. i have the black vinyl which i really don't count because that one is a trend (but i love it) and will pick up my first baby cabas in dark silver this coming week. then i want the patchwork leather or green if the "green rumor" is correct........... in the fall
  10. I just got my first baby cabas this past Thursday and I really love this bag. Great design and easy to super cute and versatile. I'd love to get another in a different color, but they are quite expensive...I think I'll stick to just one.
  11. I have two- teal and vinyl. Love them both. When I stop at the grocery store for a few items, I never need to take a paper or plastic bag- I just stuff it in the cabas! So it is fashionable and friendly to the environment:p
  12. I don't have one yet, but really want one. what is the retail?
  13. i have a black and a dk silver is on the way. but i really like the khaki. HAHAHA. if only i had more money!!!!! :p
  14. I had 3!!!LOL!I sold one..Now I just have teal and black..They r the best!
  15. ....i wish!