How many of you find yourself starring....

  1. How many of you find yourself starring at other womans Coach purses or notice them alot more than before. Ive been catching myself doing that alot more lately, So many styles, some ive never seen :confused1: I think i see them more now that christmas just past, most people i know friends and coworkers got Coach purses for christmas. Maybe thats why i see them so much more. :shrugs:
  2. I do all the time. I like to see what colors they are wearing with thier outfits. Often times I can spot and fake and just want to say eeek
  3. I noticed two Coach bags at my daughters dance studio last night, they were gifts from their hubbies, they didn't even know the name of their bags, I felt so proud telling one, you have a Signature Ali, and the other had a large Chelsea Optic Bag.....
    I have not seen anyone with the leather legacy bag though.
  4. I do that all the time when I'm out at public places. I try to tell if it's real or fake. Sometimes the lady stares back & I'm thinking to myself I hope she doesn't think I was looking at her purse ready to rob her LOL! Nah I don't look the type.
  5. i like picking out all the fakes and laughing (to myself...i'm not that mean).

    i do notice them more. especially the people who are a bit snobby about it. go figure.
  6. When I was at Coach, the lady finishing up in front of me had a gorgeous lv on the counter. She saw me staring and snatched it up lol. I often stare at bags, can't help it!
  7. I have had people catch me staring at their bag, and then I just compliment it, "I was just admiring how nice your bag is" etc etc.
  8. girlfriend,

    I have evolved into a coach detective ! lol !

    Cha Cha
  9. Looking in the purse collection section makes me want a little bit of everything! its SO bad! Do you go look at everyone's collections?
  10. I notice all bags not just Coach. But I can spot a fake a mile away.
  11. I've been busted for staring at bags before. Since my obsession kicked in, I find it's almost impossible for me to NOT stare at bags!
  12. haha i do that ALLLLL the time! my head always turn and just follow all the gorgeous coach bags i see. (my best friend caught me doing it too! haha) and i notice all the Goach bags too (;
  13. I have a funny story about this. Friday night I was at a bar, and the the woman sitting next to me had a cute Coach bag. I was staring at it for a couple of hours, and finally she said to me, I like your bag. I said to her, I've been staring at your bag for a while. So we started talking and ended up exchanging phone numbers at the end of the night. That's the first time I've struck up a friendship over a handbag!
  14. lol. i started school again this week and there's a girl in each of my classes with a coach bag. three in mymedical term. class.
    : )
  15. Me all the time! All my friends make fun of me for it. Sometimes I lust or i laugh at the fakes.