How many of you finally got the smaller denim tote and the wallet?

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  1. Girls, I still have not worn my denim bag as yet that I pictured and had turned in the French legacy wallet in tan for the the smaller zip denim to match that bag. . I am still paranoid about transfer. Now I have a broken toe...long I am limping around yesterday and hoping it will get better, I wanted to know if any of you bought it and wore it and got compliments and had no transfers? I do NOT want to return anything before the PCE so I get an invite, but there is really nothing I need or want now but a nice dark brown leather shoulder bag that is light. I already have a pebbled dark brown tote. Any suggestions?
  2. I have no idea if that tote will tranfer. Oh, thanks about the toe. I am used to breaking toes...I am the champ of that by now but this time it was not DH got me a Starbucks and a Ben and Jerry ice cream cone...poor DH, felt so bad...good guy. I have not worn the tote as yet...and I saw 2 people walking around with it today in Macy's which kind of disappointed me that already I could see myself coming and going. I know that should not matter to me at all, for all of the styles are so popular around here...I think in the future, I need to think out purchases with wardrobe and what I need and not just what is new and in the new floorset. I would prefer leather from now on, so I am anxious to see the bleeker bags if they are not heavy. I have so much signature. The jury is out on the navy denim so far. Just not sure...of it..Still love the legacy leather which I cannot wear and miss my slim whisky flap...darn it . I know it is too heavy, but I miss her.....LOL
  3. I got the Sig Strp Den Tote yesterday, I used it today and I was wearing a white T-Shirt type shirt and everything was fine, there was no transfer, and I was carring by bag on my shoulder. Idk maybe it'll be o.k.
  4. I got my Denim Tote last Monday... up until today I wore it with dark tops. I had a white tank on & had to transfer. I love love love it!
  5. Lynn, have you used it yet, and how do you like it??? I still LOVE LOVE LOVE mine, but are still "examining" it on a daily basis!!!! LOLOL....
  6. I got mine the tote and the snap wallet. Haven't even taken the tags off it yet. Still in the bag. But I don't think i will have a problem with transfer as I usually wear darks.
  7. I got the large tote, the wristlet, mini skinny, and smaller snap wallet.

    I'm almost always wearing black, so I don't expect a problem!
  8. I bought the smaller snap denim wallet - great style. No problems with it whatsoever. I carry it in a bag lined with white fabric. No transfer, no rubs, nothing.
  9. Wow!!! Seeing this post makes ME feel alot better about mine!....a white fabric lining and NO problems!!!! That is GREAT!!!!! thanks for letting us know!!!! Especially those who are NERVOUS about this bag and wallet now!!!

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