How many of you cook with your SO?

  1. Vlad and I have always loved cooking together... even better he loves to cook for me and I love to cook for him. Sometimes we take turns, or I wake up and he made me breakfast, or we cook together.

    Today we just got finished making meatballs and pasta sauce- we were using an old family recipe and just had the music on and had so much fun. It is really a nice time together for the two of us. :heart:

    So I was wondering- how many of you cook with your SO? Do you enjoy it, does he get in your way, is it more fun?
  2. No, I only cook FOR my SO.

    SO just gets in the way, is in no way interested in cooking. Rather cleans each and every item out of my hand right after I use it. So annoying.:p

    But he appreciates the time I take to cook. I make a variety of both ethnic and American foods. Your meatball recipe sounds delish.
  3. Dh and I like to cook together and try to do it, but most of the time our DD, 18 months, gets in the way... she likes to be held almost all the time these days! So we try to cook togther while one of us is holding her, which does work some of the time!
    We love cooking and food... it's so much fun to cook together... before we had her we had a standing sunday night date to cook dinner together with lots of wine. I hope to start that again when she is a little older!
  4. Mmmmm... sounds good, megs! We are having pasta and home made sauce tonight too... but the sauce I made in quantity about three weeks ago...I froze it in family size serving containers, and one container is defrosting in the fridge right now, so all I have to do when i come home is boil the noodles!
  5. ^ That is the way to go! We realize that we used my mom's measurements, for a family of 6, and the two of us do not need to eat that much!! :p

    We had browned some garlic and a mild Italian sausage link first, so this sauce smells amazing!!

    I think cooking together if you can/like to is such a great bonding experience... Then again, Vlad is off riding his bike while the food simmers and finishes up, wonder if he is sick of me!
  6. HA! HA HA HA!!! My SO??? Cook??? LOL!!! He is a sweetie, but about all he can cook is a Tony's Pizza...I make homemade sauce with his mother, though. We make it in bulk and can it every September. Actually I just made some on Sunday. Yummy!!! That's sooo cute that you guys cook together!!!
  7. We are now overly full together... love it!
  8. Oh helllll no, lol...

    SO has three years of catering experience. He was accepted enthusiastically to Johnson and Wales (for cooking).

    But he is an AWFUL cook, bless his sweet little soul, but he's just rotten in the kitchen. He ruins all of my equipment, he burns pots, he breaks everything...he burns or under cooks food. He CURSES my kitchen, which is why he isn't allowed to cook with me, because every time we've done it, something has gone wrong. The last straw was four days ago. I asked him to clean one of my big glass bowls for salad that I had just used. While he was holding it I asked him to pass me the tongs. He just DROPPED IT 5 feet to the floor and reached for the tongs!!! Didn't set it down, didn't move it to another hand, he just literally dropped it for something else. Glass went EVERYWHERE.

    Maybe he's a good cook when he is no where near me but in my house he's a nightmare, lol. I wish he was better, he'd save me some time during they day, lol, but nah I do all the cooking :p
  9. Sometimes my BF and I cook together, although I do the majority of cooking for the house. Occasionally he will cook for us, and it's almost always a nice treat. I remember fondly how during the first week or so when we got together he made dinner for me, a very nice gesture and perhaps a sign of things to come.

    When I cook it's mostly the stuff my mother cooked when I grew up, along the lines of "soul food" and other such cuisine. When my BF cooks, however, it's usually stuff that he grew up eating, and he's taught me how to make some things from his culture, which has been a wonderful ongoing learning experience! As he is from South America, in the past three years I've gotten to sample different types of regional fare, and when we visit his sister in Miami, I help out in the kitchen, and she teaches me how to cook even more of his favorites for him. Some of the things I've eaten I loved at first taste, but some of the things he's cooked have yet to grow on me...but it's still a lot of fun when he cooks his traditional foods.

  10. I do all the cooking at home. Dh will stay in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking. This is his favorite pastime:yes:
  11. My DH will keep me company and willingly act as sous-chef if I ask him, but mostly I like cooking by myself. I have a small flat-screen TV in the kitchen and a DVD player and I'll watch "my shows" or a movie while I'm cooking.

    My DH could burn water, LOL. His idea of "cooking" is to chuck a frozen pizza into the oven.
  12. Dude, my SO plays video games while I'm cooking...I wish my SO loved to watch me cook too, chanelvgirl
  13. I don't have an SO now but when I was with my last BF I never did. He liked to cook for me but I hate to cook whether I have a man around or not.
  14. We have fun cooking together. It is a bit of quality time for us also. During the week I make simple meals but on the weekends, we find a new recipe, shop for the ingredients, and then work together in the kitchen. Sometimes the food turns out so-so and and sometimes it's great, but it is always a fun time for dh and I.
  15. We don't live together, but sometimes we do cook together. It's funny 'cause I have to tell him how to do EVERYTHING, and end up just asking him to bring me stuff/clean and such. He hasn't the least idea how to cook hehe. But I really do appreciate the fact that he's willing. Most men just want you to serve them!