How many of you buy less exp. whites?

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  1. Thinking about spring and summer, do you all continue with Chanel white bags (or a light color) for summer or do you buy less expensive other brands because of the dirt factor?

    I love the look of a white flap (have no white chanels) but am afraid about getting it dirty.

    What do you all carry in summer?
  2. I don't have a white Chanel bag. I actually don't buy too many light-colored bags because dirt and marks really bother me. My white bag is a Goyard St Louis PM - easy to clean and matches with most anything.
  3. I have only dark-colored Chanel's but thought I would try something different this year. I just purchased a Light Beige Medium Patent Goatskin Flap with silver hardware. The bag is a distressed patent leather and the color is more of a creamy/dirty white. I thought that it would be easier to maintain than a true white. I have been told that a caviar white is pretty durable though and not that tough to keep clean.
  4. i only go for dark colours as i too, am worried abt it getting dirty, usualy go for blacks, blues and reds..
  5. I generally buy cheaper whites, and white caviar tends to turn yellow over time IME so I avoid it.
  6. I've owned white Chanel bags and have never carried them. They wind up just sitting in my closet. I love the idea of them, but I am unknowingly rough on things. I think I am being gentle, but from the looks of my bags, I obviously am not. Same goes for rings and watches, I beat the crap out of them.

    I would go with a light beige before I did white. I also try to buy lighter colors in distressed leather, so its okay if they get beaten up a bit.
  7. I love love love the white and carry it with *extreme* care. One time I got red lipstick on the flap and I *freaked* out!!! Thank god it was discovered right away by my friend and I was able to wipe it off.

    So, most of the time, it's just sitting in my closet. :sad: I would not get another white but I don't regret getting my first white. I really think it looks just more beautiful and unique than basic black - and I can always think of a way to wear it.

    I think I don't mind getting expensive whites because it pops more and really grabs attention. If I wanted a daily workhorse bag I wouldn't get Chanel anyway.
  8. I have the white flap in the large size. I use it every now and then in the summer and love taking it out. It requires more vigilance in making sure you don't set it down somewhere dirty or get pen marks, but it is worth it!
  9. Here is my white Chanel - it's a medium flap in white distressed caviar. It's proven super durable so far and I haven't had too many problems with it getting dirty. It just wipes clean! I take it out to dinner but I've also taken it traveling (to Scotland, London, & Egypt) and it's held up great!


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  10. I buy less expensive bags in white or seasonal colors. In that case I can avoid heartache if it marked. As for Chanel I'll go with classic colors that can last for many years. Light beige would be the lightest I can go.
  11. I think I am okay with my white M classic flap in Caviar. It bright up the whole oufit in spring- summer doesn't matter you wear just flip flop or a nice evening dress.

    Go for it girl!
  12. I use my white caviar jumbo all the time in summer. It wipes clean and still looks brand new. It has not yellowed at all.
  13. It's pretty much summery here year round, so I don't really wear colors according to the seasons...

    My white caviar jumbo is a real trooper and cleans so easily, so I never really worry about her in the rain. I just wouldn't bring her to a dirty bar or club.
  14. I would LOVE a pale coloured Chanel but I do not think I am careful enough and would get it dirty for sure and then it would bug me no end!
  15. I have a few lighter colored Chanel flaps (off white medium hybrid, '05 light beige/cream caviar Jumbo flap, dark beige caviar hobo w/ gold h/w, and dark beige medium flap w/ silver h/w)... my most used summer bag is my caviar hobo for sure. :smile: I haven't carried my off white hybrid as much, but the '05 Jumbo has held up just fine.

    I know for a fact that I wouldn't purchase a light colored lamb flap (my mom has one and it just sits unused), but caviar is okay. :smile: A caviar flap is relatively easy to maintain, so you should consider it (and maybe buy some Appleguard). :smile: I plan to add one more light colored flap - the '09 light beige medium with gold h/w - because I think it's the perfect spring/summer bag and it's stunning!! :love:

    I also use a Gucci Britt/cream trim tote as a more expendable spring/summer bag. :smile: Hmm, and as far as other Chanels go, my Bronze Cotton Club tote gets a lot of spring/summer use, as does my Dark Gold 227 reissue, dark brown medium/Jumbo and Khaki Baby Cabas! :smile: I don't really carry black bags much in the summer. :smile: