How many of you bought the reissue, and are there any issues?

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  1. I wasn't lucky enough to get one, but I wondered how many of you were and whether the quality has held out (some people mentioned loose threads...)? Did anybody buy the white (it sounds, from previous threads like most people bought grey or black?) but the white looked gorgeous (though hard to maintain?). Do you use your bag a lot?

    Now that there are basically few of these left, I thought it would be interesting to get feedback from those who were able to buy. A kind of 'reissue retrospective', or something!

    Of course, we've seen (and loved) Star's and Sweetea's pictures and followed Cristina's experiences...
  2. I heard Chanel is coming out with new colors for reissue style bags this fall.
  3. I read that here, too. But they will not be known as 'anniversary bags' -- they won't have the '2005' marking inside them. So, supposedly, the current bag is the only 'true' anniversary bag.

    Anybody know anything else about this? Are the new bags exactly the same, except without the anniversary marking inside them? (And new colours)? I heard (again, on the forum) that one of the colours would be 'antique gold' -- that sounds very pretty.
  4. I do not own one so I cannot respond, but I will let you guys know if you are interested in getting a grey one I saw one at Chanel at Americana Manhasset yesterday.
  5. Thanks, Kat. I'm sure that will be really helpful to those who are still looking. Apparently, it's basically really getting hard to find this bag now -- so that's why I was guessing that it's 'wrapping up' time, in an almost sort of way!
  6. what size?
  7. right, no anniversary markings. i heard one of the color maybe a bordeaux, yum!! hope i spelled that right.
  8. My husband got me one on January. It's a fabulous handbag. The craftsmanship is impeccable.No loose threads that I could see.I've used it several times and I'm very happy with it. Have to be careful with the chain link straps though. They get twisted every now and then...a minor nuisance that's simple to deal with.
  9. I'm not quite sure. It was larger than my medium classic flap. It was probably large. I don't think it was jumbo. Here is the phone number for Americana Manhasset. Perhaps they can give you the number for Chanel and you can inquire if you are interested. 1-800-818-6767.
  10. thanks kat!
  11. I am interested in thsi thread and question too :smile:
  12. I had one, but there was a huge loose thread and they couldnt locate another one before I lost interest. Save for that the quality was awesome.
  13. Thanks, Noriko. I knew there was another person (besides Cristina) who'd mentioned a loose thread... weird that some bags had loose threads.