How many of you are sitting around waiting??

  1. Just many of you are sitting around waiting for a wait-listed bag??? I stopped counting the days and weeks that I have been waiting for my black/silver GST! How long before I give up and move on? I am trying to be loyal to my semi-retarded SA (sorry, but he is flighty). Rggh!! :crybaby:
  2. if it helps, i will be returning one soon. i can pm you when i do
  3. I saw one just the other day at Saks in Scottsdale. It might still be there. :smile:
  4. See, they are out there! I think my SA is not motivated to find me one!!
  5. Why are you returning your GST??

  6. I saw one at chanel boutique on Madison on Saturday.
  7. Don't wait for your SA!! Motivate!!!
    I barely waited on any list for my cabas. I made some calls, or shall I say stalked for 3 days til I got lucky. Its out there, just hunt yourself. Screw the SA.
  8. Don't wait your SA. if he was any good he would have located you one already.:idea: They are out there

    I had to learn my lesson w/ SA's at Louis Vuitton. Their whole waitlist thing is a crock. I just call around and find my bag myself. i found two bags myself that I was waitlisted for.....meanwhile the stores who's list I'm on still have not called :noggin:

    Good luck
  9. ^I'm with you. Forget about the waitlists. I don't know why they even bother. I've been on 2 since february for the beige gst.
  10. Call Nancy at Saks St. Louis.

    She always finds me the bag I'm looking for, and she is a SWEETHEART.

    (314) 567-9200

    ... and drop my name for some brownie points, if you get a chance!
  11. !!! I am going crazy waiting !!!
  12. meeee ! i'm waiting for my navy baby cabas and original caviar cabas
  13. I am on so many waitlist...I've lost count. Thing is, they are so late in shipping...I've given up on most of them. I had 3 different people call, on 3 different bags last week. I let all of them go. I am fed up! If you want something, I think you have to find it yourself. Good luck.
  14. Can we also do that in Hong Kong? I wanted a brand new Rose Gold Reissue... :sad:
  15. I hate being on waitlists.. especially when you have no clue when the purses are coming in. Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hand and call around. I've had too many SAs tell me something was "sold out" and "not in" when it actually was.. GRRR.