How many of you are NOT cooking for Thanksgiving?

  1. **My hand is raised!** We have this great place here that has the best Thanksgiving (and other special occasions too) dinners and are always open on those days. I don't even feel guilty because all our family loves this place so much.

    About to leave in a few minutes, but are there others who are eating - stress free - today? Have a good one, however you're spending today, everybody.
  2. I put all the stress on my Mom this year:tup: lol. All I have to do is heat up the Ham(already cooked) and I made a Caramel cake last night! Such an easy Thanksgiving...for ME! lol
  3. Going to my mom's for Thanksgiving I did bake cookies though...if that counts....
  4. ^^If there's any baking done, including cookies, it counts in my 'Life in the Kitchen' book. :smile: Wow. I'm soo stuffed and wishing I hadn't had the last course. :sad:
  5. I'm at my parent's house for Thanksgiving! My mom has been slaving away in the kitchen baking for the past two days. Several families from my parent's church are coming over as well. It's a full house tonight! It's so cold here..
  6. My DH and I are going to a restaurant. Neither of us do the family thing. (both family's live local) After we get home we are invited next door for desert.
  7. My husband is cooking dinner this year, since I've been stressed this week.
  8. Not me! We don't have this holiday in Mexico LOL. But Happy Thanksgiving to all US citizens!
  9. My family is from the Philippines. We celebrate Thanksgiving and what it stands for, but we're not so into the traditional Thanksgiving food. This year though we did get a to-go cooked Thanksgiving meal (whole turkey and all the fixings and sides) from a really nice hotel that sells them on Thanksgiving. :yes: We don't have a huge family here so it would be kind of wasteful to make a bunch of pies and what not that we won't finish.
  10. We went out to eat.
  11. I didn't do any cooking or parents did it all! :tup:
  12. We totally blew up tradition this year and had a *noon* dinner at my grandma's retirement home. Long story, but it was OK.
  13. Went to my Aunt and uncles house, but I made a pumkin pie and a cheesecake
  14. *raises hand*

    I'm at work so no Thanksgiving dinner for me.
  15. I did not cook and couldn't cook... even if I wanted to. My hat is off to those that can... I can't imagine it. Luckily my DH is a fab cook and loves to do it!!