How many of us have the Heritage Stripe Tote?

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  1. Okay, how many of you have purchased the Heritage stripe tote? Do you like it?

    Okay, so here's my issue.....I LOVED this bag. I was so excited about it, I loved it when it was delivered, and I loved it the first couple of days I wore it.

    Now it seems as though there are concerns about the bag. Like will the pink stripe chip? Is it to "little girly" for me. I think I'm worried about looking tacky with it. I dunno........I LOVE the bag, don't get me wrong, I guess I'm just worried about what others think.....eek....that's not good. I'm being a big baby, I know. It's just bugging

    So what do you think? Is this bag just a passing fade?

  2. Me!.. Haven't use it much since it's only 2 days old but am still inlove. She's sitting right next to me as I type lol.
    The pink stripes looks durable to me, I don't see any "bald" spot and hoping not to see any in the future. Did you try something on it? Like pilling or scratching it? I tried to wipe it with my knuckles but nothing happened, not that I want something bad to happen..
  3. Thanks for your reply. After you said to, I try to scratch it and pick it, and nothing happened. That made me feel a little better. THanks!
  4. I am not really worried about this bag although I have not worn her yet. All bags have their lifespan. I am used to leather bags like the Legacy Ali which really wears well. I have seen Coach signature fabric bags on other people and the fabric sometimes does not wear to well and sometimes begins to look worn - I have seen this on the signature Carly. I am not worried about the Heritage Stripe tote at all because if it does not wear well Coach will stand behind it's product. If the center stripe gets worn off Coach will likely fix the problem or get me a new bag so I am not concerned at all. I also have alot
    of bags so it is unlikely that this will get too much use so I believe it is safe. I don't think that bag is too girly girly - I like the fact that it is just a touch of pink on this bag
    so it is subtle for me. Keep the bag and don't worry about it.
  5. I just got mine yesterday so I have not taken her out yet, but I love it! I was looking for a bag with some pink in it, but not totally pink. I will probably rotate her with my Carly since I still love that bag as well...but I do not think I will be getting tired of the pink :love: I think it made a nice piece to my overall collection.
  6. That is a very good point Liz. I spend too much time sometimes "babying" my bag, and losing sight of the fact that COACH is really good about backing up their products. Thanks for that reminder!:tup:
  7. I have the medium heritage stripe tote and I love her so much!!! I was a little concerned about the stripe peeling, but Coach is wonderful when it comes to standing behind their bags so I know if anything was going to happen they would return or replace it. My friend had one of the original beaded totes (with the beads going down the straps) and all the beads fell off, so Coach gave her a refund. So carry her and don't worry what other people think because she looks great on you!!!

  8. I hadn't thought about the stripe chipping. I guess that's a possibility but not a huge concern to me. I think the pink stripe is too girly for a guy but in no way too girly for a female (unless she doesn't like pink). I don't think it looks tacky. I love the fact that the fabric is treated and it isn't plastic-y feeling. I wouldn't want the tote to slouch as I think a tote should have a little more structure than say a Carly. I only mentioned that in my post because it does impact the drop and fit on the body. The straps' durability (not getting too dirty or fuzzing up) is a little bit of a concern but I could live with that. My only real problem with this bag at all is the size. I wanted the medium to be bigger than it is but I'm afraid the large will be too big. :confused1:
  9. I don't have this tote and generally would not go for pink but I think it's gorgeous! I love how the pink is not overwhelming at all, just the right balance. I don't think I even own anything pink (just not me) but I can't help but admire this bag. I say, enjoy it! I don't think it's tacky at all. :smile:

  10. I will be getting my medium one on Tuesday and I can say that for the small I DID have in my hands for that little bit before I sent hubby off to exchange for medium, I was in LOVE! I'm 34 and don't think the pink is too much....the bag is TOTALLY the perfect color combo for spring/summer...I am a flip-flops and capris and tshirt kind of girl in the warmer months and this bag is going to be the envy of all the girls in my neighborhood! LOL!
  11. I'm in love with mine and i had it for a week now?The only thing i'm concer is that i don't want the straps to get dirty x.x i'm paranoid about that.But overall the bag too me is gorgeous and comfy is also going to be great for the summer since im kinda of a girly girl lol.
  12. Mine came in on Jan. 2, and I still haven't opened the fedex box. I think she and all of her accessories are going back. Oh well.
  13. Doesnt any one like the heritage stripe in green?!
  14. I do! That's the other color I would get.....or parchment.
  15. You know what, I don't think the large would be that big. They look huge on those who posted pics of them, but like you said, for some odd reason, this bag photographs big. You could always go with that one, but with all you've been through for this poor thing.