How Many of Us Have a Carly?!?!

  1. Okay, I am bored :rolleyes: and just loving the Carly :love: .. just wondering.. how many of us have the Carly, and if you do, what size/color?!?! Any pics would be great too!!!! :okay:
  2. I'll go first :graucho: I have a medium khaki/black Carly (that I am now selling) because I just bought a large khaki/black Carly. Love them both! :yahoo:
  3. I have one! The black sig medium Carly - I love her. :love:
  4. I had a Carly for a little while, yesterday. Does that count? :yes:
  5. yummy :drool:
  6. That was pretty funny!! No, sorry.. no credit for you.. you have to adopt her, silly! :p
  7. I have the black baby Carly. She was my first Coach bag; I will love her more than all the others!
  8. I have a large sig Denim Carly and a medium leather brown Carly (I haven't used her yet).
  9. I have two!! A Large Choc. Sig. and a large khaki/black sig. Love em both!!!!!!:love:

    Carly rocks!!!!

    Here's a pic of the khaki/black, and a pic of the Choco Carly right before I gave the medium to my sister (it's a pic of both together....sometimes I miss the medium...but it looks so nice on sis!)
    Picture 524.jpg Picture 448.jpg
  10. I'm actually wearing my Lg. Choco carly right now!!! Love her!:heart:
  11. I have 2 large carlys ... one is the khaki/chocolate and the all brown one..


  12. Yay for the Carly Owners! Yummy Pictures! I can't wait to see just how many of us there are!!!! :graucho:
  13. Girls, I can't tell you how many times I've *almost* bought a Carly. Did they ever come in b&w sig? That's my favorite...that could swing me over to the Carly side...
  14. Just got mine in the mail today! Large Sig with Saddle Leather:smile:
    *Loves it!!!* Accessory shopping tomorrow!!

  15. congrats on your new carly!!! :idea::tup: