How many of u would stop buying Chanel bags when the price hike again ??

  1. I think the price hike is due to further weakening of US dollars. With US economy slowing down, property mkt declining..more hsing loan to repay...:sweatdrop:

    would u gals curb spending (on chanel bags/european bags) on shoppings ???

    or rather does it affect yr wanting to buy Chanel or european goods???
  2. I don't buy often enough or buy a large amount of items for it to really affect me. So it most likely will not change my spending.
  3. i'm getting my first chanel this friday (hopefully)'s a small item - the timeless credit card holder - i would want to get a timeless clutch if they have that in stock too...

    then i probably won't buy for a while since i'm suppose to save up my money to buy a condo

    unless i get a call for the baby cabas in august....
  4. Certainly the price hikes is a disincentive. I will continue looking for the ones that I covet, which are very few. Any new purchase will be weighed heavily on functionality, design, and comfort to carry.
  5. when is the price hike?
  6. ^^^This Sunday on certain styles. The rest of the year on the rest of the styles.
  7. I asked a question similiar to this last week: basically, what price makes you stop and walk away.

    In the end, if the bag really appeals to you, you know you are going to use it for a very long time, then you'll pay the price. Personally, I don't think the price increase has to do with the value of the US dollar. I think it has to do w/Chanel being ABLE to do this and people still buying the product: supply and demand. They'll push it as high as they can for as long as they show profit.
  8. I'll still buy, but I'll complain more :p
  9. The way I look at it...............everything is the world goes up in price, food, gas, nail polish, bags....everything has it's increases, and we all keep buying. Unless they jumped the price to 5G overnight, it's won't affect their sales at all.
  10. I agree, I think the dollar is just a small factor but they are making so much profit with these huge increases and people are wanting more and more. It's all marketing, raising prices generates more sales and more revenue.
  11. I know I will still buy, I'll just starve a little longer!

    Who knows though, the price increase may also result in an increase in SA's customer service perhaps?
  12. Me too :yes:
  13. my budget will always be $2000. as long as they have styles that i like under 2K then i will continue to buy...once they're over this threshold, then i will just be window shopping

  14. :graucho::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I'll continue to buy Chanel, it will just take me longer to save up for them.