How many of u started off as die hard LV fans?

  1. Im just curious. Seems like a lot of LV fans seem to migrate over to Chanel. I myself started off with a lot of LV, but although I still love my LV's I own, I am no longer very interested in getting any more LV (and im not saying this to knock LV bags). But once I got my first Chanel, it was over!:yahoo: (of course, I dabble a bit in Hermes as well).;)

    If not LV, then what was your first love?
  2. Great thread Lucci! I started off as a Prada fan and now only have eyes for CHANEL..
  3. Same thing Lucci! I had a lot of Louis Vuittons, then fell hard for Chanel. I have slowly sold most of my LVs off to make way for Chanel although I still have a few still left!
  4. I got my first LV 30 years ago and continued to buy them until i got tired of seeing everyone carrying the fakes. I switched to Chanel because they are such a luxurious bag and I don't see them all over the place (around here, almost never!) I would still like a Lana Marks bag one day.
  5. I was SO close to buying my first LV but instead I signed up for this forum and it all turned around for the better hehe
  6. I've never been in to LV....still do not own any LV (maybe, maybe one of these days I'll consider an Epi Alma but that's about it at most). My designer handbag obsession started with Balenciaga, then it branched out to Lanvin, and then Chanel. I still love and use (and covet more!) bags from Balenciaga & Lanvin in addition to of course those from Chanel.
  7. I started out as an LV fan, but I had always pined for a Chanel. When my financial situations got progressively better I ran to the nearest Chanel Boutique ...hehe!

    I still love some LV, but I always look at Chanel first.
  8. Linda,

    I also started out loving LV. I had to have every new LV bag that came out! I bought my first Chanel bag a few years ago, and slowly I've been getting rid of my LV bags and replacing them with Chanel.

    I still have some LV bags that I'll hold onto, because I still like them....but Chanel is number one now. I'll never go back to LV.
  9. well, I guess the fact I was raised in a staunch Midwestern, Methodist household, where "conspicuous consumption" was viewed with dismay, would explain why I always thought LV bags were too "gaudy" for my own taste. And so, much as I deeply adore the classic flap my SO gave me for Xmas, I'm not wild about the clasp being the CC... were my mother still alive, I'm sure she'd think it rather "garish" :smile:
  10. Gucci was my first love for sure. AND THEN LV...I find myself still interested...just not as much..I recently just bought my first Chanel (well 2 really but I sent one back) and I LOVE what I bought! I think it will continue to blossom. (I will always love Gucci though...) firsts loves die hard and all that! Sometime in the future I will try a Hermes...all in good time.
  11. One of the things that made me move on to Chanel (besides the fact that the bags are so gorgeous) was the fact that the bags are made of real leather, making it easier to accept the high price, and also the resale value of Chanel is much better as well.
  12. I have my moments with both designers. When one bores me, I go towards the other one. It's good to have something to fall back on :lol:
  13. I started with LV and Gucci. I'm definitely in love with Chanel right now. I'm always thinking about a Chanel bag. Classy, classic and timeless bags.
  14. I was an enormous LV fan!! I loved loved loved LV, my favorite LV bag ever was my Tweedy. I still miss her. Anyway, I started with first designer bag ever being a Chanel white lambskin camera bag, then LV all the way for years. Now its been Chanel all the way for over a year.... And I don't think I'll ever like Hermes, way too old looking to me and the price is ridiculous IMO. But Chanel is :love: !
  15. I felt the same way about the Chanel bags being all leather - and many LV bags being coated canvas. I still love the Suhali LV bags, but I'm totally turned off by Mono bags now (and they usd to be my favorite). I also prefer an all leather bag now.

    I'd love to have a Birkin day :love: