How Many Of The Worlds Top 100 Wonders Have You Seen ?

  1. 10

    I need to travel more!
  2. 5 all in the US or Canada. Ugh I was in London and didn't have a chance to go to British Museum (kicking myself)
  3. 3. I need to travel more!
  4. Only six:shame: : 6, 64, 68, 84, 88, 94.
  5. 27 - I'm doing much better than I thought! I read the "1000 Places to go before you die" and became thoroughly depressed after that one... ended up feeling "There's so much to do and see in this life! What am I doing working all the time????"

    Dubrovnik is one of the most amazing towns. This list is far more motivating than demoralizing! Thanks, Prada!
  6. 10, but 7 of them were all Egypt related! The others were US. I need to venture out!
  7. Only 6 here-can you tell I don't travel much?
  8. 3...
    Versailles + Eiffel Tower + Burj al Arab

  9. oki i just checked n i havent been to any one of them.. i want to start soon...
  10. Does the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City count? :smile:

    If not only three 45, 84, 88. That is so pathetic!

  11. I have been to about 20 or 21. I love to travel!
  12. That was fun - 20! My dad was in the foreign service so we travelled all over, I feel very lucky and blessed to have seen and lived in so much of the world and it's funny it is as if it's been my destiny to keep travelling as I married someone whose job description requires us to move every few years just as when I was growing up.

  13. If I counted correctly, 22...

    Acropolis/Parthenon, Colosseum of Rome, St. Peters Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Louvre, Canals of Venice, Versailles, Metropolitan Museum, Pompeii, Prague Old Town, Chartres, Uffizi, Delphi, St. Mark's Basilica, Florence Cityscape, Mont-St-Michel, Stonehenge, NY Skyline, Eiffel Tower, Niagra Falls, Brititsh Museum, and San Fran...

    I'm not sure I'd put all of those on the top 100 travel wonders though...
  14. 1) San Francisco?...that was easy!
    2) Yosemite National Park....I have lucky relatives that LIVE in the park.
    3) Yellowstone National Park
    4) Kremlin
    5) Eiffel Tower
    6) New York Skyline
    7) Hong Kong Harbor/City Scape
    8) Louvre Museum
    9) Versailles
    10) Metropolitan Museum
    11) Forbidden City
    12) Great Wall of China, went with my husband on one of his business trips. Here is a pic of The Wall and the Forbidden City, they're both incredibly's really impossible to capture everything! I've included a concubine room too, there were so was kinda errie looking in the rooms. I guess I'm lucky to have seen even 12 of the 100 wonders since I have a phobia with airplane trips!
    Great Wall 2.JPG Great Wall.JPG Forbidden City 5.JPG Forbidden City 2.JPG Forbidden City.JPG Forbidden City 3.JPG DSCN1278.JPG DSCN1279.JPG