How many non-designer bags do you own?

  1. How many non-designer bags do you own?

    I found that whenever I saw a non-designer bag that might be of interest to me, I would think, hmmm that can be an extra 50 bucks/100 bucks etc. towards my LV/chanel etc. fund... And then I would be very hesitant to "waste" money on a non-designer handbag. What's your take on it?
  2. :shame: I have quite a few... most of them bought on sale (so I'm not spending that much, after all :lol: ). I always end up giving them up to my friends or to charity LOL

    But now I'm kind of stopping with that and concentrating in one of two high end bags a year (yeah, let's see if I can control myself with the temptations of this forum!!) and just thinking of bags as pieces that will last forever (and that are a good investment if I ever have to sell some in case of need, you never know!!)

    PS: Bottom line, designer or not, if you like the bag you'll always enjoy carrying it!!!
  3. only one. my laptop carrying case. does that count?
  4. I only have 2 or 3. Since joining this forum I have stayed away from them. They don't last and the quality sucks. It is a waste of money. I would much rather save up and get a good quality bag that will last then waste my money on bags that fall apart after a few months.
  5. After I bought my first designer bag, there was no going back to non-designers. Gave all my non-designer bags to my niece, friends or donated it. I got the designer quality bug at a late age, around 35 :huh: so, I had alot of catching up to do.
  6. one
  7. Whatever I had before I got into designer bags. I do think about how much I could've saved and used the $ towards a LV bag or something but what's done is done.
  8. None, I just never end up using them so I've stopped buying them and given away the ones I used to own.
  9. 2 vintage clutches...
  10. One.
  11. I have 2 but I don't use them anymore since I started to get into designer bags. I just like my new bags better but I can't give them away that would brake my heart.
  12. I have four but they don't get used very often anymore since I recently got into designer bags. The only one I really use is my "rainy day" bag because it's cheap and I don't like to take out my designer bags when it rains.
  13. Hm... I hate to bring this subject up again, but what is meant by "non-designer"? I have some inexpensive (<$100 from Bluefly) Hype bags, some FB bags, a bag from a small company called Taylor Bags... you get the picture. (And I like them as much as I do my "designer" bags... whatever "designer" means. *evil grin*)
  14. Let's see...

    2 Stone Mountain (will sell 1)
    1 Sigrid Olsen
    2 Brahmin (will sell 1)
    1 Vera Bradley (to be sold shortly)
    1 L.L. Bean
    1 Le Sport Sac
    1 The Sak leather
    1 Roselli (cheapo thing from Kohl's) so...

  15. 2 I have a black hobo style liz claborne bag, anda brown leather roots bag. Other then taht all the bags i used to have before my designer fetish started i've given all away.
    I figure you need a black / or brown for going out when a LV bag isnt the right thing to carry. Now i'll for sure trade those off when i'm in to a bag(city/or purse) style.. chloe and be totally desiger :smile: