How many new scarves in a season?

  1. Hi all.
    I'm completely hooked with Hermes scarves after I bought a plisse last week. Everytime I go to NM to see scarves, I want to buy something! I think I need to limit myself to certain numbers of scarves per season(if I can), or I can never save up for another bags!

    How many scarves do you all get per season?

    BTW, while I was looking through scarves, this well dressed old lady came up to me and asked me if she can show me some interesting ways to wear scarves!! She said she's collecting H scarves for a long time. It was so nice of her, and I hope I can be that chic when I was that age. She was there to pick up Red Birkin!!
  2. Ohhhh, I'm pleading the fifth on this question, just in case DH peeps over my shoulder! But let's just say, if it's a good season (usually S/S for me) I can go a little scarf crazy!
  3. I um, bought two scarves in the last two days. I think two per season, one deeper toned, and one light. Or, a Twilly and a large. Maybe make them connect somehow-animals to celebrate a new pet, a promotion, etc. Or a bad day. Or don't even listen to me, I'm addicted!
  4. How many new scarf designs come out each season?
  5. Oh dear......this is a loaded question!

    Just got back from the store-that-has-nothing and it actually had something. So I bought it.

    HOWEVER, they DID have a few new Fall scarves and I passed on every one. Don't like the design of the Dance Card scarf and didn't like the colorways on the other one (can't remember the name). far for the Fall's a scarf bust. Thank GOD it's still way early in the season!!!!!!

  6. :graucho: ??

  7. Are you asking seriously or in the hopes to purchase:p?

    15 new designs each season
  8. ^^^ Purely for education!! I promise...

    15, wow, that's more than I thought. What about mousses?
  9. Not sure bout the mousses...

    Mousses, Pochettes and Cashmere blends are often reissues of silk twill designs from previous seasons so they are not included in the 15...

    oh and to answer the OP...somwhere between 2 and 10...usually around 4...some seasons have not had anything I wanted recently...
  10. ROSE......LOL!!! was just another "Au Contre Courante" but in the White/Sepia colorway which I am completely in love with. I always seem to gravitate to those colors and also to reds and Black/Gold. :heart:
  11. ....well........and blue/brown.
  12. Oh no, I already bought 2 Plisses, and I'm eyeing on Au Ceur de La vie? in black, Belles Du Mexique in Black Plisse, and De Passage a Tokyo in Pink/White colorway..... I don't know if I can pick just one.... But I think I got to have De Passage a Tokyo, since I'm from there!!
  13. The good thing is that if you have to pass on one..more likely than not it will turn up on eBay at some point....
  14. I believe there are 12 new designs per season in the silk carres
  15. Even there are "only" 12 designs for a season, each hav too many beautiful colorways!!!