How many neverfulls are too many!?

  1. How many neverfulls do you have? I have 2 mono MM and azur MM
  2. I have 2 as well: DE in MM and Monogram in GM. I want to eventually add an Azur :biggrin:
  3. I have 3 Mono GM DE MM. Azure MM. They are my most used bags.
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  4. For me two would be one too many because I barely use the one I have. But I love my one when I need her.
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  5. I have two (azur and mono) I think that's enough for me
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  6. 2 were too many for me- I recently sold my DE MM, still have my DA PM.
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  7. I have 3: a DE MM, a mono MM that I just purchased, and a PM in azure. I know that some people are scornful of the Neverful because they are so commonly seen, but there is a reason they are so popular. I enjoy mine.
  8. I have two.... mono MM with pink interior and a mm both and wouldn't mind an epi.....
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  9. I have a mono GM but I think as many of them that still make you happy. I'm not a tote girl but I do have more than one Speedy as well as the Montaigne and Alma which are pretty similar styles to the Speedy. They all are a bit different and still make me happy.
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  10. I have a DE MM but a mono GM is definitely on my list. And possible an MM in DA. With the lining color options now, there's endless choices! Luckily I'm only interested in the canvas...
  11. I have a DE in GM and a mono in MM. I'm satisfied with both but have thought about buying a preloved mono in GM. The added pouch/clutch is not worth the price on the newer models IMO. I doubt I will ever use it and apparently most don't. That's why I see them for resell EVERYWHERE.
  12. I think 2 is enough. I rather venture and try other styles.
    Currently I have the limited edition Stephen Sprouse rose NF. Not thinking about adding another one.
  13. I have two neverfulls, a GM in DE and a my world tour neverfull in MM.
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  14. does it count the ones had bought and sold?
    currently has two, both in mono
  15. Now I'm curious, how many have you bought and sold?