How many Mulberries have you got in total?

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  1. There's been so much bag buying going on I was just curious. Including my new jacquetta I now have 9 and that is more than enough for me!!!

    My total number of bags is 15 so even if i rotate them I'll only use each bag once a fortnight!!!!

    What about you, how many mulberries and how many non-mulberries?
  2. 4 Roxannes + 1 Rosemary + 2 Bayswaters + 2 Emmys + 1 Alana + 3 Mabels + 1 Brynmore + bag with duck on it (forgot name) = 15 I think.
  3. duck???? I'm intrigued!!!! Need a picture of that! What about your non-Mulberries Jenova???
  4. I have 9 Mulberry bags and a voucher to spend on another. I do like even numbers so that should be it for a while.

    Waiting for a pocket book to arrive from and wishing for a Mabel Long Purse.

    1. See pic attached (hope the person I bought it from doesn't mind).
    2. I am not telling.

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  5. I've got 13 Mulberries (14 if you count the Jody clutch), 3 Marc Jacobs and 1 Marc by Marc Jacobs - 17 in all. Way too many :sad: so I'm gradually going to cull until I'm down to around 10 :yes:
  6. jenova love that bag- really unusual!
  7. 10 mulberrys
    1 LV Speedy 30 Mono
    1 Tods
    and does a Longchamps Le Pliage count?
  8. I used to think that it was unusual but lots of them suddenly showed up on Ebay a few months ago.
  9. I have 8 at the moment, although may be down to 7 soon.
  10. ^^^I counted mine!!! (referring to longchamp le pliage!!)

    What about your non-mulberries Hula- how many orla keily's have you got???
  11. I have 7 Mulberrys: Roxanne, 2 Bays, Ledbury, Calder, congo duffle/bucket bag, and Jaquetta on its way.
  12. Only 3 orla kiely bags now! Just kept the ones I couldnt live without. I do have a wallet, make-up bag and beany doll though :tup:

    And I am hoping to add an orla kiely lampshade to my living room :nuts: Mr Hula is a bit bermused by it but I will win out!! :roflmfao:
  13. im soooooooooo in denial (I know I have tooo many...12 + card case+ 2 keyrings)
  14. Hula - you'll need the cushions and wall paper to match your lampshade!!!?