How many months is your maternity leave?

  1. How many months is your maternity leave in your own country?? Just wondering because I heard in some countries, maternity leave is for a year! They're pretty lucky!!

    In hong kong, it's only 10 weeks for a maternity leave and they will pay you 85% of your full salary.
  2. In the US, there is no mandatory paid maternity leave. I took my vacation and then time off with no pay for about a year, until my money ran out from buying Hanna Andersson baby outfits, a Bugaboo stroller, a $3,000 Dell computer, etc., etc. from being bored staying home so much.
  3. My company gives 3 months PAID leave to both the mother and father.
  4. WOW! Father and Mother?! WOW! That's lucky!!!:wtf:
  5. It's great! And since we both work there (they don't allow it to be taken at the same time, it is for the "primary caregiver") baby won't step foot in a daycare until s/he is 6 months old! We can't wait for the next one!
  6. I work for the state of Hawaii and we do not get any maternity leave. If we have a dr. note we can take 30 days from our earned leave and husbands can take 20. I think it is full of cr--!
  7. Oh and yeah, I forgot the father's leave! Father's I think 2 or 3 days paid paternity leave for Hong Kong... But I heard in U.S.A. there's a paid leave also?? How true?
  8. What ??? how can you even make babies ?? You must be quite physically strong and healthy to be able to pop a baby without a maternity leave ??? (on your 2 weeks holidays WTF ?)
    In France it´s 3 months (paid), and in Denmark 6 months full salary up to 1 year salary decreasing.
    And if you need to leave earlier during your pregnancy, in France it´s on maternity leave, whereas in DK it´s sick leave.
    And it only makes them reluctant to employ women in small companies !! that country is heaven for women.
  9. In Australia it's 1 year unpaid maternity leave. Some companies do offer paid maternity leave (and they don't have to by law) - but these are few and far between these days.

    I think New Zealand recently introduced paid maternity leave.

  10. Yup, we Americans marvel at the way European nations treat their new mothers. You guys are very, very lucky!!!
  11. 3 years here in Germany, with pay for the first few weeks (if not a year?? I'm somewhat unclear on this). After 3 years, your old employer MUST give you your job back. And then you also get 154 EUR per child (when it's over 3 children or something like that it's a little bit less per child) until that child is 18, or until they have completed their studies.

    But since I don't work, I will only have a relatively short maternity leave...June-October. Around 4 months, and then after that it's back to Uni for me and Bart will be a SAHD for a few hours a day :smile:

    Germany has a new system now, that I don't understand at all...Something about getting more money in the first year and paternity leave. I don't know. I need to read up on these things, lol!
  12. I took 8 weeks paid with mine and the another 4 weeks at I think 50% pay rate.
  13. In Canada, you get 12 months maternity leave, and you get paid $100 per child under the age of six for child care, even if you're a stay at home mom.
  14. Estonia:
    12 months with full salary + next 2 years with some small sum. after 3 years, employer has to take you back.
    during first 12 months, it is up to you how you split it with father, for any period he stays with baby @ home, he gets full salary also.

  15. Hiwow! That's very lucky! 12 MONTHS!!!