How many months are LE bags available?

  1. I bought a Beverly MM in the beginning of July and was told they would only be around for another couple months, but I notice they are still on elux. Now I am on the waitlist for the Mirage speedy. I can only justify that price IF it is going to be a hard to get bag...I mean once the waitlist people get their bags is it also going to be on e lux for months? I never saw the miroir bags online...these bags stayed pretty hard to get, right? Someone explain to me?
  2. i thought the beverly was permanent and only the xxl size was limited. mabe im wrong
  3. no your right. mm was not a limited edition the mirage is seasonal so should be around a little while but there really is no rule it could be a few months or a few weeks
  4. Well, it depends on how many people who want them. LV NEVER goes on sale, and the things not being sold simply rests in store. That's why you can still see bags like the whistler cabas in many stores, even though that was the F/W 2006 limited collection. One SA told me they're not popular enough and that they may have been priced too high.

    So, if they produce too many and it's not a popular line, it'll be around for quite a while. But if it's popular and only releases in one batch, it'll be gone the second it hits the stores. No matter how "limited" something is, it will be around if no-one wants it and if it doesen't disappear on the in-company sale by the end of the season. The company won't destroy things just because it's off season.
  5. Wow, I was totally under the impression that all of the Beverly's were doesn't matter because I still would not have purchased it, but if the Mirage Speedy becomes super easy to get I will be pissed to have spent $1800 on it...
  6. depends on the demand :smile:

  7. ^^^^^

    lol, you will be even MORE pissed to find that it retails now for $1870, and with tax, it will be over 2K !!!!!!
  8. *YIKES* :shocked:

    This is a huge amount of money for a speedy ..... YET it is one GORGEOUS speedy. :girlsigh:
  9. ^^ I know, it's the only LE speedy that's won my heart really. :shame: But I just CAN'T justify the pricetag..

    LE depends entirely on demand.. which is why eLux has CB belts kicking around for YEARS after !
  10. Since its a runway bag for the season, I was told that they LV produced a certain number of bags (the bags are not numbered but they made SO many for the season and sent them all around the world) and when it runs out, thats it... so it depends really if people want it, otherwise you may still see it around until the next f/w or until it sells out just like the mens 2006 fw bags are still around because they were priced too high, but I bought one haha. but then again, womens stuff sells SOOO much quicker than the mens. The speedy is limited and so is the line for the season, if they were to re-release something MIRAGE, it would be a new style like they did with the Lockit and the Miroir...
  11. but matt the speedy isn't a runway bag I have feeling there'll be more going around like perfo speedy but no proof so i'm wrong don't hate me, get it if you love not because it's "le"
  12. The Beverly MM and Beverly GM are not LE, they are part of the permanent collection. Only the largest size (XXL?) is one-shot...I have yet to see one IRL.
  13. Beverly is definitely not LE it's been around for a while now. Not like Rivets where there were only two bags in the boutique I go to and they sold within two days of the store receiving them and never appeared again.
  14. ^ on the other hand my store had rivets hanging around for ages even the lambskin ones
  15. 5th ave still has a white one. saw it yesterday.