how many mono handbags does a gal need??

  1. Currently I own two the Speedy 30 and the LH and think that perhaps I need another mono bag. I think I need a bag that is smaller than the LH for evenings and weekends but, can be carried on the shoulder. THe PH was a good size for that but, I had to exchange for a larger everyday bag for work like the LH(could not afford both and LH grabbed my attention and meets my daily needs). Any other suggestions...I am going to ask for an LV for my b-day next spring so I want to start thinking about on a ban :yucky: !
  2. Get the PH again, it was meant to be! :yes:

  3. You are too funny!!!! I may ask for it for my b-day because I am on a ban and must pay off my other bags. Love love my HL and speedy...why do I feel like I need sooo many LV's?? Different sizes for different occassions this getting to be too greedy excuse to get another LV....:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Is this a trick question? A gal can never have too many monogram bags. Just call it a collection! :P

    Do you carry LVs everywhere? Are you looking for something dressier like a Manhattan PM? Try to figure out where you have gaps in your purse wardrobe, and fill those gaps with a bag that can multitask to fit your needs. :smile:
  5. I like the BH and of course since you already have the LH which has a vachetta bottom, look at the Cabas Piano. I don't own one, but I do have a Mezzo, and I love it for work. You can NEVER EVER have too many LV bags!
  6. Umm, I have 7 mono bags and I'm pretty sure #8 will be added sooner or later. I just like having different mono bags. There are so many styles and shapes, structured..less structured, shoulder or handheld...Not to mention there's always new ones that come out here and there.

    I definitely have the PH on my list. I've been wanting that bag for over a yr. But other things have jumped in front of it. The PH will be mine! OH YES! IT WILL BE MINE! LOL!! :graucho:

    So ya, I "do" definitely "need" more, and more, and more, AND MORE Mono Bags! LOL!!!!!:wlae:
  7. To answer your question,

    Umm, I need as many as I can possible afford to get. ha ha. no, really.

    I know that's terrible, but I can't help it. I just love them.
  8. I think a girl should have at least :
    1. hand held
    1. shoulder bag
    1. messenger style bag
    1. big shoulder bag for trip
    1. pochette
    1. clutch
    1. dressier shoulder bag like Klara..
    1. keepall
  9. ^^I like the way your think bags!!
  10. I have 3 on my want list. I'm on ban for now so I've been thinking ahead.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! hahah I was trying to convince myself that I must have a BH and you just gave me the reason! To check off # 2 on your list! ;)

    I have:
    # 1 - Damier Speedy
    # 3 - Damier Salsa

    My Dad who's in his 80's and very astute once asked me "Are you ever going to have enough handbags?" It appears the answer may be No. :smile:
  12. I personally don't see the monogram as an "evening" bag . . . if you need something for evenings I'd go for a small Epi or Vernis or Satin.
  13. Lol if you like the style then it shouldn't matter how many of the same pattern you have. I have (2 are my mom's)in the mono:
    speedy 30
    ellipse pm
    ellipse shopper
    viva cite
    cabas mezzo
    batignolles horizontal
    keepall 50
  14. how many mono handbags does a gal need??

    All of them!!!!!!
  15. Or at least, as MANY as she can get because too many may not be enough :nuts: .