How many mono canvas bags do you own?

  1. I will start I have four...the speedy 30, tulum pm, PH and LH...kind of think it is too much mono canvas and I wish I would have gotten the beverly mm instead of the PH but, it did not even exist at the time...never satisfied with what I have and eyeing other mono canvas bags..too many mono bags could be boring don't you think:confused1:
  2. Speedy 25
    Cabas Piano
    BH (too lazy to type it all out, lol)
  3. I have two...soon to be three....
    I ahve wondered the same thing myself but I think if yyou go for drastically different styles than maybe not.
  4. I only have one so far, but will have more because there are styles I like that are only available in mono. I agree with handbag*girl though that if the styles are quite different, it's okay to have a few!
  5. I used to have some but I gave alma to my mom and papillon to my sis
    so currently I have speedy 30 and agenda from long time ago and my hubby's keepall
    I'd love to get manhattan pm someday
  6. I only have one, the petite bucket. I'm thinking about getting the tivoli or ellipse when my ban ends, but then again, I am craving some amarante too!
  7. Here are mine (15 bags)..the first two are older pics so the vachetta on some is obviously darker now and I count the limited run lines (i.e. CB or Perfo) as mono as well.
  8. manhattan gm
    pap 30
    bh ---> soon
  9. I only have musette tango and BH.
  10. 13 mono pieces all together, but for bags I have: Petite Bucket, Mini Looping, Musette Tango, Vavin PM, Pochette Accessories, Mini Pochette Accessories (Trunks and Bags logo), Sophie, BH, Papillon 26, Speedy 25 for a total of 10!

    My accessories are: Pochette Wallet, Ipod Video Holder, and the CC Holder.

    I'd still like to add: Keep All 50, Cabbas Piano
  11. I have way too many monogram canvas collection!!! :smile: I just got my first non-canvas piece yesterday...the Monogram Denim Neo Cabby GM.

  12. Just my Bh , Petit bucket, and pochette acessories. I also have acessories in mono.
  13. lmao.. I only have one.. and it's my only LV haha! just my speedy25 but I hope to expand when I get a proper job! :biggrin:
  14. I don't have any.
    I have a CB, but since it's pink/pink, I don't think it counts as far as what you're asking about.
  15. I have mono speedy 30, montsouris backpack, deauville, pouchette florentine.
    Accessories- toilette size 26