How Many Miroirs Were Released?

  1. Does anyone know how many Miroir bags were actually released? I've heard different guesses i.e., 500 in each color in each style, 200 speedys released in North America, etc., but I would love to know the actual count if anyone is privy to the info.

    Thanks in advance.

    MalibuRamos, who has Gold and Silver Speedys but has lost hope of a call from her SA regarding a Gold Alma...
  2. All I know is that stores got a certain amount of bags... I believe it was something like: smaller stores getting only 2 Speedys in each color, 3 Pochettes in each color, and a certain amount of Cles'? :shrugs:

    Good luck with finding a Miroir Alma! ;)
  3. Thanks John. I've heard the same as you, "This store got 2 of each, that store got 5 of each," but I'd love the know the total number.

    Perhaps I'll settle for a Gold Lockit in place of the Alma I never received. After reading posts tonight a call to my SA to waitlist for a Gold Lockit will be my first call tomorrow!