How many miles do you have on your car?

  1. 2003 Accord Coupe - Almost 87k

  2. 2100 on my 2008 gmc yukon
  3. When I bought my car in Feburary, it was 115,288, now it's 122,640
  4. 76000 on my 2001 Honda Passport. it's been paid off for two years so I'm going to keep driving with no car payment as long as I can!
  5. I wish my car is paid off :tdown:
  6. I'll hit 20,000 probably by the weekend on my 2006 Volvo S40 t5. My other car (which hasnt moved in about a year - needs some work!!) 1989 325iX has about 230,000!!!! i LOVE that iX, Ive never driven a car that i like more than my old BMW!
  7. My current Volvo has about 70k, but my last one had over 125k
  8. You don't drive much do you? :p I wish there was more public transportation where I am so I wouldn't have to drive as much.

    I have 38K on my 05 Accord.
  9. My first car was a volvo that my mom bought new back in 87, she drove it over 220k miles and i drove it another 60 or 70k. Her second Volvo was also bought new back in the day and she sold it a few years ago also with over 210k. I hope i get her good luck with mine! I just cought it about a month ago!
  10. Cars are made so that you usually still have at least a gallon left once it's on reserve :yes:

    Toyotas are great cars though!
  11. I have almost 8,000 miles... I've had my car since November '07.

  12. My dad has a 1991 190E that has like over 150K on it. It's on its last legs of life though and has had a new transmission put in it.
  13. 2008 Civic 1800

    1991 Celica 51000
  14. 2001 Acura CL and it has 100500 miles. I love my car and hope to get it to go 200K miles! It's an Acura so they're pretty reliable and it hasn't given me any trouble so far. The timing belt had to be replaced and that was big bucks but par for the course on a car with that many miles.
  15. 2006 Cobalt and it has 37,000 miles.