How many LV's do you currently own?


How many LV's do currently own?

  1. none... but counting the days

  2. 1

  3. 2-5

  4. 6-10

  5. 11-20

  6. 21-30

  7. 31-50

  8. 51-??? (would you adopt me?)

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  1. I saw this thread in the Balenciaga subforum and as I love polls, I thought we should have it, too :p

    So... how many LV's do you currently own? And, as mintpearl said in the OT "...not what u have owned altogether or plan to own, but in the moment!"
    Let's count :wlae:
  2. I just started my collection! But I have 3! lol. A mono speedy 30, a mono pochette, and a cherry blossom pochette! But last week of January I am getting a lot! lol.
  3. I have 12 in total: 5 bags and 7 accessories (1 wallet, 1 agenda, 2 cles, 1 bandeau, 1 cellphone strap, 1 sunnies) :p
  4. I have just a mono Speedy 25 that was a gift but I'm going to add soon a wallet :yahoo:
  5. Can you include agendas, and wallets and all those things????
  6. Then I have in total 10. I have 3 agendas, a scarf, 2 personal agendas, and a cles.
  7. last count 63... :shame:
  8. Alright, spill! Who got 51+ LVs??!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  9. :wtf:

    any pics of ur collection?

  10. i have poppincourt haut, damier papillon 26, mono pochette, vernis houston baby blue (which has turned into green :confused1: ), vernis bedford noisette, damier azur french purse :smile:
  11. edit: nevermind
  12. 6..... all damier except one, which was given to me a few days ago by a friend who was cleaning out her robert wilson fluo reade pm...
  13. Up to this moment, i've got 7 LV bags :yes: ..

    This is the latest bag, got it as a new year gift :p
  14. Sadly, in my enormous collection of handbags (including burberry, kenneth cole, Michael Kors, coach and a vast array of others) I only have ONE speedy!!! I did own a popincourt haut but gave that to my mother because I never used it. I am hoping to add to my collection this year with a denim baggy pm (love that bag) and hopefully some accessories as well. I have truly become addicted to LV!!!!